Joseph Hansen – Founder of Buy Box Experts


I think every entrepreneur has to experience a phase of taking on too much. There’s so much opportunity. Everywhere you look is an opportunity. You can drown in it though. Minimize and focus on priorities. Joseph Hansen is a seasoned entrepreneur and e-commerce expert based in Utah. Hansen currently serves as managing partner to four […]

Ray Harding – Mediator and Arbitrator

Ray Harding - Mediator And Arbitrator

Ray Harding received his law degree from Brigham Young University in 1978. He then practiced law for 17 years before being appointed to serve as a District Court Judge in Utah where he served for 7 years. Following that service, he has now been successfully mediating cases for the past 12 years where he has […]

Todd Wolfenbarger – President and Partner of The Summit Group

[quote style=”boxed”] I learned that it’s important to never waste a good crisis because what you learn when things get difficult can be the most valuable, and the most telling, about people professionally.[/quote] Todd Wolfenbarger has more than 25 years of senior management experience, having served at a Fortune 100 company (AT&T), one of the fastest-growing […]