Damon Burton – Founder of SEO National

Damon Burton

In a world where everyone is oversold and exposed to advertisements at every turn, I often find that the best way to sell is not to sell. Simply, communicate. Damon Burton began his career as an entrepreneur back in 1999 when he was exposed to web design. What started as a hobby became a profitable […]

Joseph Hansen – Founder of Buy Box Experts


I think every entrepreneur has to experience a phase of taking on too much. There’s so much opportunity. Everywhere you look is an opportunity. You can drown in it though. Minimize and focus on priorities. Joseph Hansen is a seasoned entrepreneur and e-commerce expert based in Utah. Hansen currently serves as managing partner to four […]

Ray Harding – Mediator and Arbitrator

Ray Harding - Mediator And Arbitrator

Ray Harding received his law degree from Brigham Young University in 1978. He then practiced law for 17 years before being appointed to serve as a District Court Judge in Utah where he served for 7 years. Following that service, he has now been successfully mediating cases for the past 12 years where he has […]