Jason Ediger

Jason Ediger

Dr. Jason Ediger is a clinical psychologist in private practice at the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Institute of Manitoba. He has over 20 years of experience working directly with clients in a therapeutic setting. Dr. Ediger has a special interest in blending cognitive behaviour therapy with mindfulness and humanistic approaches to…

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Ikedinachukwu Nwankwor

Ikedinachukwu Nwankwor

Listen to your inner self and dream Big.   Known simply as Dr. Ike Nwankwor to friends and colleagues, Dr. Ikedinachukwu Nwankwor, MD is originally from Nigeria. He grew up in Nigeria and acquired his primary medical degree from the University of Nigeria. In 2006, Dr. Nwankwor moved to Ireland…

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Gabriel Patterson

Nothing is impossible; it is only you who stops yourself from achieving it.   Gabriel Patterson, of Winnipeg, is the creator and principal of Bethmann Lombard Bancorp and has directed the firm since 2005. As a masterful investment banker, Mr. Patterson has become an expert in securities, real estate, offshore…

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Neil Sullivan

Neil Sullivan

Always try and find a way to do something better. If an issue arises, find a way to avoid it in the future.   Neil Sullivan, Managing Partner for Sullivan & McMullan Real Estate Law is reinventing the way real estate works. While he has been established in multiple businesses…

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Tom Haughton

Tom Haughton

Embrace change and listen to your heart and gut.   Thomas Haughton is the Vice President of Winnipeg-based My Place Realty, also known as MPR, and has helped lead the company since 2012. At My Place Realty, he oversees all aspects of business, everything from construction management to finance to…

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Rob Swystun – Creator of RobSwystun.com

Rob Swystun - Creator of RobSwystun.com

You can be ambitious and still have a good work-life balance. Rob is small business communications consultant based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who hates business-speak and wants to see it eradicated from all business communications on- and offline. Holding a Journalism Diploma from Langara College in Vancouver and a Communications…

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John White – Deputy Editor Online of the Winnipeg Free Press

John White - Deputy Editor Online of the Winnipeg Free Press

John White is a geek, tech-junkie and journalist. This proves to be an effective combination as Deputy Editor, Online for the Free Press. John cut his teeth in the Sun Media chain after graduating from the Creative Communications program at Red River in 1992. He started his career in Portage…

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