The Secret Behind Secrets In Business

Yesterday I was chatting with a buddy of mine in the Midwest. He was recently laid off from his construction-type job and is actively looking for opportunities in the Internet or mobile space.

He lives in a small town where most businesses are either retail or service-oriented. So, as we went back and forth on Skype, we decided that there might be an opportunity to help some of those small businesses with basic mobile web services.

My buddy started emailing me all kinds of links pertaining to opportunities to make money in mobile marketing (mostly information products).

They all had four things in common; most of them resembling what I’d call red flags:

1. I have never heard of the people selling them.
2. The majority of the pages’ content was used up by self-playing videos and various email opt-ins.
3. When I left a page, there were browser pop-ups questioning my decision.
4. There were at least half a dozen mentions of the word “secret.”

Even though I ask people here on IdeaMensch about one secret they’re willing to share, I don’t like secrets in business.

I’ll never buy a secret.

I’ll never sell you a secret.

Secrets equal perceived shortcuts.

Secrets are bullshit.

From a business perspective, my advice is to never, ever execute a secret. Whatever that might mean.

If you want to be successful in business, execute a strategy you can understand. One that makes sense. Common sense.

Execute a strategy that delivers value to your customers.

The secret to success in business, work, life, fitness and relationships is to simply execute.

To do the work.
To do it every day.
To keep going when it’s hard.
To keep going when it’s unpopular.
To keep going when others quit.

So, my buddy is going to learn how to modify and optimize websites for the mobile space. He is going to do some research on tools that might be able to help him since he isn’t a technical expert. Then he’ll offer to apply his knowledge for free to a local small business. He’ll fail. He’ll learn. He’ll keep trying. Eventually, he’ll succeed.

Then he’ll figure out how to price what he just did and start calling on local businesses to help them modify and optimize their websites for mobile. So when people access their browsers via their cell phones and smart phones, they can: a) find a business’ site and b) quickly access the information they’re looking for.

That right there might be the ultimate secret on how to make money in mobile marketing in small towns across America.

You’re welcome.

P.S. There is no secret behind secrets. Especially not in business.

Image Credit For Picture of What is Not a Secret UFO Landing Area.