Free Webinar – 14 Ways to Thrive in a Day

One of the things I hear over and over from our community is that you’d like to see some more instructional content in addition to our daily interviews. That got me thinking. At first it seemed like a good idea for me to write more ongoing original content. However, IdeaMensch is a night and weekend project (which I love) so it would have taken a herculean effort on my part to make that happen. Also, there are people far far smarter and more qualified than I when it comes to creating amazing content for entrepreneurs. I don’t teach but just facilitate.

So, I reached out to some folks in our community to ask if they’d be interested in helping with this. The response was overwhelming. Seriously, thank you for all of those who emailed me.

Starting in August, we will roll out a regular webinar series in which members of the IdeaMensch community will teach you about various topics related to entrepreneurship and bringing to life your ideas. These live webinars will be free during the week they launch. Afterwards, we’ll put the recorded versions up for sale which will help cover our costs with this program. Don’t worry, our pricing will be super reasonable. But do catch them when they come out.

Our first webinar will be taught by my good friend Kibibi Springs and the topic is 14 ways to thrive in a day.

14 ways to thrive in a day

How to optimize your wellness for better performance. A.k.a, how to take care of yourself so you can get more shit done. One thing that I have learned and that hundreds of entrepreneurs have told me is that if you don’t work, nothing else will work. This webinar will guide you though 14 super easy strategies to act on every day to shortcut and accelerate your health and wellness habits.

This webinar will happen on August 8th (a Friday) at 11am pacific time.

You’ll learn:

  • How to optimize energy for maximum work day productivity
  • Nutritional fixes for the morning, afternoon and evening slumps
  • Healthy ways to enhance creativity and innovation
  • The keys to healthy relationships and being an inspiring force for others

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. It’s going to be awesome.

You can sign up here. Space is limited to 100 people, so I would sign up immediately to ensure you’re in.

Here is some more info on Kibibi, in case you don’t believe me.

About Kibibi Springs

Acting on a purpose to help people discover what they need to thrive vs. survive, Kibibi serves organizations looking to evolve their wellness initiatives and individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being.

Leveraging 19 years of corporate experience in marketing, change management consulting and coaching with global PR agencies, Fortune 500s, Kibibi developed LifeonSprings to address the growing need for personalized health strategies to meet work/life success.

A former mobile spa owner and co-author of a Fab Job Guide for mobile spa entrepreneurs, Kibibi’s advice for wellness is designed to meet the challenges and needs of the modern professional.

Also, go check out our her website where you can download a free e-book on how to keep your life on springs.

Again, you can sign up here.