Five Questions with Justin Johnson

My name is Justin Johnson and I get people to talk about and buy stuff online as Director of Digital Strategy at Lunchbox. Outside the office, my evenings and weekends (and just about any bit of free time) are spent building Oregon Coast Coffee, a small gourmet coffee brand I launched with my parents and a good family friend last year.

How do you bring ideas to life?

I try to surround myself with good people and do my best to treat them right and help them in any way I can. I am confident in my ability to figure out any situation and try to instill that confidence and trust in those I work with. And I know that if the time comes that I need a little help, they’ll be there for me.

What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

It’s an old one, but Groundswell. It is a great way to get up to speed on how social media and digital marketing in general is impacting all facets of the business landscape.

What is one piece of advice that you’d like to give?

Be nice to people. It’s okay to be direct and, at times, aggressive to get things done. But overall if you are nice, encouraging and help people to feel like their work means something, you’ll get everything you want and more from them.

What is one idea that you’re going to bring to life in 2012?

Professionally, you’ll have to wait and see; I’ve got a lot in the hopper. Personally I am going to make my upcoming wedding rock and be the best husband I can be.