Nick Edwards – Co-founder and CEO of Boomtrain


The world of startups is all about speed. Speed + the best people = competitive advantage. Harvard Business School graduate Nick Edwards is the co-founder and CEO of Boomtrain, a personalized notification platform that connects customers to content they’ll love. Driven by a passion for technology and media, Nick initially created Boomtrain as a platform […]

Pete Wheelan – CEO at InsideTrack


Ideas are a dime a dozen. The greatest products and companies rarely got that way based on the uniqueness of ideas. Pete Wheelan has dedicated his career to leading mission-driven, high-growth companies focused on helping individuals live up to their full potential. Before joining InsideTrack, he served as COO and Chief Revenue Officer at Blurb, […]

Ian McHenry – Co-Founder and President of Beyond Pricing

Ian McHenry - Co-Founder and President of Beyond Pricing

Set timelines that are very strict, because you’ll likely keep pushing for months beyond those deadlines. Ian McHenry is the co-founder and President of Beyond Pricing, a first-of-its-kind revenue management and dynamic pricing software for short-term and vacation rental owners who list on sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO. Ian has spent his entire career […]

James Wong – Chief Energizing Officer of Verge Collective


I spend the mornings on creative, afternoons on management and evenings on business development. James Wong has developed Branding and Marketing Strategies for corporate clients like the Past VP of Product Marketing at Facebook, the CEO of Panda Express, the Past CEO of Giorgio Beverly Hills and Fredrick’s of Hollywood, Keller Williams International, and about […]