101 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021

We might be living in the 21st century but all too often women – and especially female entrepreneurs – are still underrepresented as they have been for far too long. Having had the pleasure to interview many remarkable female entrepreneurs here on ideamensch we felt obliged to dedicate some extra time to these successful business founders and owners.

It might be a fortunate flash of inspiration or a lifelong dream finally fulfilled – the business idea our female entrepreneurs thought of and bravely put on the market. And they all prevailed. The following interviews are testimony to their success stories. But how did they turn an idea into a viable and sustainable business?

Know of an awesome female entrepreneur we should include?

They are breaking new ground by introducing new products and services to existing markets. They open up new markets for established products. And often enough they tailor their innovations not just to the market in general but bear in mind female customers´ needs better than anyone before them. This ingenuity though is not the single reason for our featured female entrepreneurs´ success. Something more is vital:

Be they young and brave pioneers exploring new markets or experienced veterans in their fields inspiring younger generations – they all have something in common: determination and devotion to follow their dreams. Through these, the female entrepreneurs listed below gathered the strength to fulfill their visions – strength from within.

And what they have built is remarkable; their businesses span the whole scope of the market. Longtime professionals founding their own consulting firms, female entrepreneurs specializing in technology and marketing, owners of innovative beauty and fashion lines – not to forget authors, bloggers and life coaches employing the internet to share their inspiration and insights with their customers all around the world.

We hope to inspire some of this in you as well by providing the following (and definitely not all-encompassing) list of 50 female entrepreneurs we are rooting for:

Feel free to skip ahead to the section most interesting to you. We have organized this list alphabetically by first name.

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1. Abbie Mirata

Abbie Mirata Female Entrepreneurs

Abbie is a trainer, speaker, corporate executive and business owner. Founder of the non-profit Kyndly and owner of a retail franchise that focuses on hiring and mentoring young people, she is focused on impacting people, creating community and building a kinder world. She believes people are looking for a human connection in the companies they do business with. Abbie has held a variety of roles in the corporate world. Her most rewarding “role” however is when she can set aside the bottom line and help mentor and develop a fellow person into the best version of themselves. As former head of sales operations and training for a multi-billion-dollar public company and VP of People and Culture for a successful startup tech company, Abbie draws from her experiences to help others focus on cultivating joy and finding the light they give from within themselves, each and every day.

2. Akinda Johnson

Akinda Johnson Female Entrepreneurs

Each journey, trip, or vacation you take is as unique as you, and Akinda Johnson believes that your outfit should be too. Akinda Co. transforms your outfit into an experience to compliment your travel. They design timeless, modern luxury to reimagine the travel wardrobe and inspire spontaneity. The design house started with the bodysuit, thoughtfully created to be worn from the beach to brunch with versatility at its forefront. Using traditional manufacturing and high-end craftsmanship in Los Angeles Akinda Co. creates premium suits from top-quality materials. Each detail has been thoughtfully designed to bring comfort and elegance to the customer, so they can travel with no extra baggage (literally, pack less with this multi-purpose bodysuit). The core mission of this premium lifestyle brand is to outfit women for the world ahead so that they can focus on experiencing the moment.

3. Alisha Wong Alisha Wong

Alisha Wong is a Co-Founder of skooshskin.com – a data-driven skincare platform that builds routines by intelligently matching users with products that work for their unique skin profile. Alisha has worked across various brands within eCommerce such as Farfetch, Burberry, and BrandAlley. Her key focus has always been bridging the balance of customer journey and conversion strategy – how businesses can build their brands by weaving stories into their experience that ultimately engage people. A matter of art and science. Throughout the skoosh skin journey, Alisha has brought her visual and marketing lens to the table. The challenge has been how to introduce this new way of shopping skincare that doesn’t have an open storefront where customers can shop as normal – but takes you through a personalised experience right from the very beginning.

4. Alyssa McGarry

Alyssa McGarry Female Entrepreneurs

A graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, with a Master’s Degree in Economic Development of Latin America, Alyssa McGarry moved to rural Guatemala in 2011. At the age of 25, she followed her dream to get more involved in bottom-up community development focused on indigenous cultural preservation. And for the past 8 years, that’s what she’s been focusing on. In August of 2012, after months of living in the Guatemalan Highlands, Alyssa launched Hiptipico, an ethical fashion brand based in Panajachel, Guatemala showcasing Maya artisans and their handmade creations. Every Hiptipico item is thoughtfully handcrafted by indigenous communities, using high-quality sustainable materials.

5. Amber Christian

Amber Christian Female Entrepreneurs

Amber Christian is the founder of wonderly software solutions. Prior to wonderly, Amber spent 18+ years implementing SAP solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Based on her experience as a small company working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, she uses human-centered design processes to build solutions that address the unique productivity and collaboration challenges faced by freelancers and small companies as they grow their businesses.

6. Angela Majette Angela Majette

Angela has 20 years of multi-industry business and legal experience as a creator of innovative business models and entrepreneurial ecosystems; business owner and entrepreneur. As a legal analyst and accountant, Angela owns and operates Just Write Legal – a litigation and business management company based in New York and Florida. Angela is continuously working with alignable corporations, small businesses, and individuals to expand the reach and impact of Black Connect and to level the economic playing field for African-American entrepreneurs and business owners by making it easier to meaningfully connect, collaborate and compete in the American market on a local and national level.

7. Aysha Saeed Aysha Saeed

Aysha Saeed is the CEO and Creative Director of AYSHA New York, an ethical, sustainable luxury women’s fashion brand launched in 2016 in Manhattan’s Garment District. Aysha came to New Jersey as a child from Pakistan and since her teenage years, fashion is what helped her deal with feeling like an outsider. After many successful years in finance, Aysha quit her job and moved to Europe to get as much on-the-job-experience in fashion as possible. She launched a fashion design and production consultancy business that was contracted by luxury fashion houses Dior and Dolce & Gabbana. Today, AYSHA New York adorns a niché group of driven women who want to elevate their wardrobe to express both their achievements and individuality. Her independently-owned brand was built on its personalized StyleMe team that created customized designs, in both look and feel.

8. Bex Band

Bex Band Female Entrepreneur

Bex Band is an adventurer and founder of the women’s adventure community Love Her Wild. Her expeditions have included hiking 1000 km across Israel, kick-scooting the length of the USA and crossing the Jordan desert. She believes that everyone should be able to access adventure as it builds confidence and connects people to the natural world. Seeing a lack of women in the outdoors, Bex launched Love Her Wild in 2017 to provide support and opportunities for women in adventure.

9. Bhawana Singh

Bhawana Singh Female Entrepreneurs

Bhawana Singh a Food Blogger and a homemaker. She has 2 lovely kids and a beloved husband. The female entrepreneur has worked as a senior software engineer for 6 years with IBM and Oracle. She is now residing in Phoenix, Arizona, continuing to expand her collection of vegan and vegetarian recipes. Code2Cook is a vegetarian & vegan food blog of recipes that can be enjoyed with family and friends on festive occasions. Food styling, food photography and content writing is part of blogging any of the recipes. Code2Cook is also her humble attempt to make traditional food of different places and cultures popular. Such recipes are healthy and loaded with nutrients.

10. Brianne McGuire

Brianne McGuire Female Entrepreneurs

Brianne McGuire is a researcher, designer and content producer working with sex media. She is the founder of GRAPHICPAINT, a platform for uncensored, crowdsourced materials, and host of SEX COMMUNICATION, a podcast of real sex audio recordings and explicit personal histories. Her work centers around the belief that if we change the way sexual content is presented, we can change the way people behave and think. Through provocative presentations of authentic experiences, she inspires her audience to challenge their preconceived notions and practice radical self acceptance. Brianne is based in New York City where she documents sex, develops original media and writes regularly for OVEE Health.

11. Brooke Hart

Brooke Hart Female Entrepreneurs Brooke Hart is an entrepreneur, strategist and digital marketer. She has owned and worked with a digital agency for the past 12 years, assisting businesses from launch to growth phases. She is also founder of Angel Guard Fashion, a company designed to empower and protect the global community.

12. Carenda Deonne Carenda Deonne

Carenda is a vibrant, pulsating and charismatic motivational speaker, author and marketing consultant. Carenda’s highly dynamic and charismatic personality has made her a highly recommended and sought after Change Agent in business and professional circles for Corporate CEO’s, small business owner, entrepreneurs and nonprofit and community leaders alike. Carenda is a native of Baltimore, MD. She received her BA degree in Business Marketing from the Fashion Insatiate of Technology in Manhattan, New York; and currently is a graduate student at Regent University pursuing a Masters in Law degree. In addition to being Editor and Chief of Far Above Rubies Magazine, Carenda is also a published author of three books. (Soul of a Poet, The Wait to Success (Contributing Author), and Perfect Patty Messed Up Devotional). In her pursuit that men and women were born to live life on the promise of IMPACT, Carenda Deonne LLC was founded. Carenda Deonne LLC provides motivational speaking, personal coaching and corporate training. Carenda is also a marketing consultant, helping new entrepreneurs to not only develop a strategic marketing plan, but create a universal brand.

13. Carly Brasseux

Carly Brasseux Female Entrepreneurs

Carly Brasseux is a determined and passionate sales and marketing consultant, published author, hunting influencer and business owner based in Dallas, Texas. She’s been successful in establishing an exceptional rapport with individuals on all levels and comfortable handling high profile executives, celebrities and politicos through her work at Allies in Service, Dallas Moms, Tony Fay PR, Sutherland Partnership, North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee and many more. In a world where women are the fastest growing segment of the hunting population, she is also a major proponent of those women wanting to learn more about the outdoors and hunting. Her handle, Miss Pursuit, is an expression of her enthusiasm for all things outdoors, from educating women through her experiences learning to hunt over the last decade, to getting out with her kids to explore the wild.

14. Caroline Mcdonald

Caroline Mcdonald Female Entrepreneurs

After turning around a wine bar from loss to profit in less than a year at the age of twenty-five, Caroline knew she wanted to make a difference through her entrepreneurial skills. After being a partner in a comms firm, Caroline recognized that she wanted to do comms differently. OggaDoon was born: an ethical guerrilla comms business, dedicated to working with brands with passion and purpose. Caroline has built the business internationally to a team of full time, part-time, remote and flexi workers, all doing what they love.

15. Cassandra Freeman

Cassandra Freeman Female Entrepreneurs

Cassandra Freeman is known as the “#1 Dream Builder”–is a wife, mother of four boys, and founder of Thoughtful Inspirations. She drives women leaders to achieve their dream lives and become their best selves. Her goal-oriented tools such as ‘The White Lie’ book that was endorsed by Brian Tracy and motivational e-courses within Never Give Up Academy are just a few of the resources Cassandra offers to get you on the fast track towards maximizing your potential. As an award-winning speaker, she has empowered hundreds of women to make it happen.

16. Chelsea Rivera

Chelsea Rivera Female Entrepreneurs Chelsea Rivera co-founded Honest Paws and currently serves as Head of Content for the brand. Chelsea graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio-Television-Film & Advertising. Her role at Honest Paws stems from a love of digital content and the adoration she has for her CBD-loving pup, Baby Rose.

17. Chhavi Agarwal

Chhavi Agarwal Female Entrepreneurs Chhavi & Amit are location independent entrepreneurs and owners of Mrs Daaku Studio – a place to find to legitimate work from home jobs and creative ways to make money online. This blog tells you exactly how to start working from home and what are your best options. They aim to encourage others who are not happy with their current 9-5 jobs to take a chance on themselves and follow their heart. Chhavi and Amit have been featured on leading publications like Readers Digest, Go Banking Rates, Yahoo Finance, MSN, Fit Small Business and other known platforms for their expertise on this front.

18. Dalia Katan Dalia Katan

As the CEO and Founder of Presently, Dalia Katan is incredibly passionate about helping communities connect in more meaningful ways. Presently is the fast-growing group celebration platform, a product suite that helps groups come together for remote-first celebrations. Previously, Dalia was a management consultant for five years, including three years at Deloitte, where she led the innovation practice’s West Coast expansion and co-founded Deloitte’s program to educate employers on integrating refugees in the workplace. She was also an innovation fellow at the Center for the Edge and has published works on business growth, inclusion, and the future of work.

19. Dana Donofree

Dana Donofree Female Entrepreneurs

Diagnosed with breast cancer at 27, Dana Donofree founded AnaOno out of her own desire for pretty, sexy, beautiful lingerie. After a bilateral mastectomy with implant reconstruction, her own bras no longer fit and she was certain there must be more than just sports bras and camisoles (as nothing in the traditional lingerie market fit her surgically-altered body). With a degree in fashion design from Savannah College of Art and Design, and a successful fashion industry career, she took her 10+ years of experience and put it toward designing, launching and growing AnaOno.

20. Dawn Jones

Dawn Jones Female EntrepreneursDawn Jones is the founder of Pressed PR – a boutique PR agency that focuses on PR for independent creatives. Deeply rooted in the music industry, Pressed PR was originally founded as a Music PR agency for independent musicians as Dawn is an independent musician herself. Partnering with various independent record labels, such as Los Angeles based Sun & Sky Records, Pressed PR has had the opportunity to work with celebrity artists on various release campaigns. In an effort to expand their services to support all independent creatives, Pressed PR announced the addition of a Film PR division to the company in February 2020 with the intention to serve independent filmmakers in the basic promotional and publicity strategies needed to successfully launch their film.

21. Dawn LaFontaine

Dawn LaFontaine Female EntrepreneursDawn LaFontaine is the founder of Cat in the Box, which makes whimsical cardboard box toys for cats who think inside the box. LaFontaine is a former stay-at-home mom turned women entrepreneur. She turned her lifelong love of animals into a business by finding an unfilled niche in the cat toy field. LaFontaine’s home has always contained all manner of furred, finned, and feathered creatures. She enjoys giving back to the animals who have brought her so much joy by volunteering in animal shelters and fostering homeless pets – a true animal lover among our featured female entrepreneurs.

22. Deanna Rose Morgado

Deanna Rose Morgado Female EntrepreneursDeanna Rose Morgado is a Portuguese-American spiritual guide, artist, meditation teacher, Reiki Master and energy healer. Born in San Francisco’s Bay Area, her work with energetic forces first began as an interest in subjects like philosophy, the supernatural, and our role as humans in the Universe. These interests evolved and blossomed over the years into a passion and expertise. Continuing her understanding in aligning mind, body, and spirit, Deanna Rose felt called to share what she had mastered through her years of studying and practice. She followed her instincts and created an outlet for people who wish to align their minds, bodies, and spirits to discover their sustaining joy and the true reasons they are on this earth. She lives and operates Deanna Rose’s House of Well-Being in the Bay Area just outside of San Francisco.

23. Deena Pierott Deena Pierott

Deena Pierott is a social entrepreneur and founder of iUrban Teen, an award-winning and nationally recognized STEM+Arts program for youth of color. Most recently, Deena co-founded and launched Black Women in STEM 2.0. She has served on several boards and commissions, including a gubernatorial appointment to the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs. In 2013, Deena was honored by President Obama as a White House Champion of Change for Technology Inclusion. Deena is a highly sought-after diversity strategist and international speaker. Deena has shared her expertise with universities across the country, several Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and Starbucks, and presented at the White House STEM Summit in Washington DC. Deena’s accomplishments have been featured in major publications, including Essence magazine, Ebony magazine, the Chicago Tribune, NPR and Forbes.

24. Denisha Ferguson Denisha Ferguson

Denisha-Dlang Ferguson is a creative catalyst, event producer and fashion designer. She is the CEO of the Indiana Fashion Foundation and produces Indiana Fashion Week, along with numerous events, projects and programs. She combines research and creativity to show the power of creative` individuals and how they can use their GOD given creativity to make impact, income and create legacy. She co-authored 2 books that reached #1 AMAZON Bestseller, You Can and Prayers for the Boss Babes. Her work has been featured in tv, magazines and websites like WWD, Forbes, Sheen Magazine, Indy Style, Hope for Women, Inside Indiana Business, IBJ, Pattern Magazine Online, Indianapolis Monthly, Nuvo, Ridiculousness, Indy Star, Houston Style Magazine. She has been a guest on podcasts such as Made in Indy, Do Boss and Motor City Woman. You can find out more at www.yearofthecreator.com.

25. Elena Brook-Hart Rodriguez Elena Brook-Hart Rodriguez

Elena Brook-Hart Rodriguez is the founder of Handmade Stories, a slow fashion brand that stands up for artisans and communities neglected by the establishment and society, giving them a fair income while also helping them keep their traditions alive. In 2020, she decided she needed to take a break from the world of advertising to re-evaluate her life. She went to Peru as a volunteer working with women in rural communities in the Andes, where she learned about their struggles and aspirations. The Covid-19 pandemic forced the volunteering operation to close down, but she decided to stay on and give these women on-going support by setting up a business that incorporates their weaving crafts in modern clothes. Handmade Stories works to provide a fair income and flexible way of working for the women in these communities so they don’t have to travel far or be away from their families. It also also supports them in setting up their own businesses so they can be independent.

26. Elizabeth London

Elizabeth London Female EntrepreneursLiz London is the founder of The Ladyboss Nation, a network of female business owners in creative and alternative industries who learn and work together to grow their badass businesses. Through The Ladyboss Nation, Liz offers affordable business coaching, training and digital marketing tools for women who seek to level up their small businesses. She’s a serial female entrepreneur, certified dog trainer, belly dancer, reptile-raiser, and a bit of a bohemian punk. She is also author of The Business Bible for the Unconventional Entrepreneur.

27. Elnaz Sarraf Elnaz Sarraf

Elnaz Sarraf is the CEO & founder of the award-winning ROYBI Robot – the world’s first AI-powered smart toy to teach children language and STEM skills. It also has been named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions in Education, on the 2019 CNBC Upstart 100 list as one of the world’s most promising startups, and on Fast Company’s 2019 World-Changing Ideas. Elnaz is also a Board Member at Consumer Technology Association, Small Business Council, and member of Forbes Technology Council. Growing up as a woman in Iran, Elnaz witnessed limited opportunities, leading her on her journey in the U.S. to become an entrepreneur and create a technology that would empower children by providing universal access to personalized learning and an education that prepares them for a better future. With 15 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, Elnaz leads ROYBI; an investor-backed EdTech company that raised $4.2 million in its seed round focusing on early childhood education and self-guided learning through artificial intelligence.

28. Emily Smith Emily Smith

Emily J. Smith is the founder and CEO of Chorus—a matchmaking app where friends swipe for friends. She missed the days when friends would set up other friends. The world of online dating had become detached and devoid of community. That was the inspiration for founding Chorus. Smith has a background in engineering and business, but is also a writer who has been featured in The New York Times, Salon, Medium, etc.

29. Eropa Stein Eropa Stein

Eropa Stein has over 10 years of experience in tech as an entrepreneur, mentor, and advisor. Her journey as an entrepreneur started after working in management for a well-known hospitality temp staffing agency. There, she was exposed to the many inefficiencies that came with scheduling shift-based workers and thus took it upon herself to create Hyre. Hyre is an HR software startup that helps managers in industries such as Hospitality, Logistics, Long-Term Care, etc. schedule their shift workers’ shifts, outsource temp staff, and manage their overall HR needs. Eropa regularly supports the startup community by volunteering at various incubators and accelerators. She loves helping others build successful businesses.

30. Geneva Long Geneva Long

Geneva Long has elevated the travel experience for modern adventurers by reimagining the original aluminum travel trailer as today’s most advanced RV, the Bowlus. Geneva studied at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania where she first conceptualized her company of which she is founder and CEO and resides in Los Angeles, California. She was recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30.

Female Entrepreneurs from G-K

31. Gracie Miller

Gracie Miller Female Entrepreneurs

Gracie Miller is a Certified Career and Life Purpose Coach who helps you stop settling, get unstuck, and love your life. Through a structured process of self-exploration, determining options, identifying blocks, and pursuing dreams her goal is to help realign you with your most authentic self and communicate who that is in ways that support you. Since 2012 Gracie has provided career clarity for clients as diverse as young professionals to senior executives; those returning to work after a break; business owners; aspiring entrepreneurs; and people in transition. Gracie’s mission is to help you embody the life you were born to live- personally, professionally, or both- and ignite a spark in you that inspires others to pursue their path as well.

32. Hannah & Ariel Redmond

Hannah & Ariel Redmond Female Entrepreneurs

Meet two sisters and successful female entrepreneurs — Hannah and Ariel Redmond — on a mission to send gifts that are affordable, convenient, and most importantly, don’t suck. In college, Ariel got dumped, & Hannah wanted to send her something to make her feel better. A few trips to some generic stores and a 20-minute wait at the post office left her with an idea…to shake up the gift-giving space by creating a build-your-own care package platform that is personal & convenient: with handwritten notes and free shipping. She partnered up with Ariel, and together they started Happy Box! They are all about women supporting women and are proud to feature product options that are from female-founded companies. Hannah and Ariel believe in making it easy (and cute!) to be thoughtful, supportive friends, sisters, cousins, coworkers, and humans.

33. Heather Cox

Heather Cox Female Entrepreneurs

Heather Cox is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant. She brings her tireless energy to the cause of making the business world more closely resemble the real world. Heather champions diversity and inclusion through her work as an entrepreneur, giving business leaders the tools to improve their numbers and advance their companies. As president of Certify My Company, Heather assists all businesses, large and small, in increasing their visibility in markets and making creative connections that accelerate growth. Her clients range from household names including Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, California Baby and Zappos to small mom and pop shops.

34. Heather Vickery

Heather Vickery Female Entrepreneurs

Heather Vickery is an award-winning business owner, and coach with over 20 years as an entrepreneur. She leverages her entrepreneurial skills and expertise to coach individuals towards greater personal and professional fulfillment. A celebrated public speaker, Heather inspires audiences and empowers attendees with the tools they need to live bold and successful lives through creating balance, time management, as well as countless systems, strategies and boundaries. Heather is a single mom of four (all girls!) who left a decade long marriage and came out personally and professionally (yes, of the closet). Her specialty is in helping people push through fear and embrace bravery. She’s written a book and journal on the life-changing powers of Gratitude and she’s a fierce social justice warrior. Heather is also the host and executive producer of The Brave Files Podcast.

35. Janelle Benjamin Janelle Benjamin

Janelle Benjamin is a Juris Doctor with over 15 years experience in diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and human rights. She has expertise leading corporate-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, making system-wide improvements to workplace policies and practices, and working with senior leadership to break systemic barriers to inclusion in society, so that everyone may participate fully. Her recommendations for change have resulted in large-scale transformation to organizations and continuous improvement in a multitude of sectors. Janelle is currently a Diversity Kidz board member, a nonprofit fostering diverse representation in children’s toys and books in schools. She is a member of Black Women for Change, working to change the face of Corporate Canada. She is also a member of the Local Diversity & Immigration Partnership Council in the Regional Municipality of Durham and a member of the Anti-Black Racism Task Force in the Town of Ajax where she resides.

36. Jessica Lubahn Jessica Lubahn

Jessica Lubahn, MD is a fulltime medical doctor, specializing in urology. She is a health writer and consultant. She is the founder of ONDRwear (ondrwear.com) which are luxe leak proof underwear, whose mission is to destigmatize urinary, menstrual and any other leakage through the creation of products that are both highly effective and beautiful. ONDRwear are highly technical underwear, utilizing the latest innovations in textile production in order to create the most waterproof, absorbent underwear while designed to fit and feel like high end underwear. Ultimately, the mission of this company is to empower the individual to stay active while looking and feeling their best.

37. Jessica Maslin

Jessica Maslin Female Entrepreneurs

Jessica Maslin is the president and co-founder of Mieron VR, a virtual reality company based in Long Beach, California that has created a unique NeuroTherapy device that doctors and medical practitioners are using to help rehabilitate victims of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, as well as those who suffer from cognitive diseases, like Parkinson’s. Maslin’s background is a unique blend of science, technology and creative arts. Prior to joining Mieron, the New York native and Binghamton University graduate spent more than a decade working in medical research and technologies, including extensive research in bone growth mechanisms and pain management.

38. Joanna Riley

Joanna Riley Female Entrepreneurs

Joanna (Jo) Riley is an entrepreneur in technology for the Future of Work. Jo is on a mission to eradicate human bias and enable companies to measure people by merit and capability. As CEO and Founder of Censia, she has led her team to build an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based predictive recruiting solution powered by one of the largest talent data platforms in the world—automating the process of identifying talent for opportunities in the most efficient and fairest way possible. Currently, she is the Chapter Chair for Young Presidents Organization, (SF Bay), is part of the Harvard Business School Presidents Program and is an active angel investor. Jo has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in Tech, Diversity’s Council of the Most Influential Women, and as CEO has led her previous company to a successful IPO.

39. Joanna Vaiou Joanna Vaiou

Joanna Vaiou is a self made Search Engine Optimization Solopreneur from Greece. She always had a dream that she would be free to work remotely and experience financial independence so she could also see the world through traveling. Her interests spread between personal development, entrepreneurship, leadership, motivation, psychology, mental health, location independent work lifestyle and more. One of our few female entrepreneurs who has been featured in Digital Journal, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Blogging Cage and other media outlets. When she is not working on her own and her clients’ SEO projects, she writes for other blogs about her life’s experiences and lessons.

40. Joss Richard Joss Richard

Founder and CEO Joss Richard is an Emmy Award winning Producer who was born and raised in Toronto where she worked as a Television Producer before moving to Los Angeles. At the age of 28 Joss has won a Daytime Emmy Award and worked at Netflix, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Walt Disney Company creating digital content and managing their content strategy. Joss has pivoted to the entrepreneurial world when she realized there was a gap in women’s access to mentorship and that women struggle with asking to be compensated for their time and knowledge.

41. Joy Cheriel Brown101 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021

Joy Cheriel Brown is an accomplished filmmaker, with an MFA in creative writing from National University and a bachelor’s degree from Howard University, where she studied film and English and graduated summa cum laude. Joy is the founder of Third Person Omniscient Productions, a production company whose mission it is to produce powerful, meaningful, thought-provoking movies, plays, and television shows that enlighten audiences about the human condition, shed light on the meaning of life, and raise the collective consciousness. Her first feature film is currently in development by her production company.

42. Julia Tunstall Julia Tunstall

Julia Tunstall, Co-Founder of A Bar Above, brings more than a decade of business experience to the “dry” side of the bar tool and mixology content company. Having spent years as a consultant in IT project management, as well as in data management for a global biotech company, she and her husband Chris founded A Bar Above in 2013. What started as a resource for bartenders and mixologists grew–first into a mixology course and certification program respected widely in the bar industry, and then expanded to the company it is today. Now, A Bar Above is well known as having “the best damn bar tools” available for anyone from the professionals, to the home cocktail enthusiast, to the drink novice.

43. Kara Latta Kara Latta

Kara Latta is changing the world with the power of play. She is the Founder and Chief Fun Officer of The Playful Warrior. She’s also a Play and Mindset Coach and a certified NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Kara created ThoughtPLAY, a 1-1 coaching program that takes adults on a radically fun journey to reconnect back to their playfulness featuring the PLAYBox and the PLAYBook delivered to your door. The program also includes mindset work to help you reprogram your subconscious mind so you can become more powerful, confident, and create a life that excites you.

44. Kathryn Starke Kathryn Starke

Kathryn Starke is an urban literacy consultant, reading specialist, author, keynote speaker, adjunct professor, and the founder of Creative Minds Publications, LLC, a global literacy educational publishing and consulting company. A native of Richmond Virginia, Kathryn graduated from Longwood University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in Literacy and Culture. Starke is the author of Amy’s Travels, Tackle Reading, and A Touchdown in Reading: An Educator’s Guide to Literacy Instruction. Starke has helped failing elementary schools around the country achieve reading success. She is the creator of the 5th annual Tackle Reading event supported by the NFL.

45. Leanne Holder Leanne Holder

Leanne Holder based in the UK, has seen much success as a young entrepreneur and through channelling her passions, has embarked on an impressive entrepreneurial journey. As an owner of BecauseRacecarBox alongside Jake Leaver, Leanne has led the way for women in business in a typically male-dominated sphere by creating a market leading business. BecauseRacecarBox provides a detailing subscription box to customers on a monthly basis that enables them to find the best product for their car. After just two years of running the Automotive Detailing product-based business, she took ownership of Vitamin Coffee that combines coffee with essential vitamins and provides the customer with 100% of their recommended daily allowance in just one cup. After identifying a gap in the market, the business has gone from strength to strength and has an aim to create a healthier population. Leanne’s recent venture in the automotive industry, has seen her create the first ever Pink Detailing Collection to encourage females into the detailing industry and to shift away from the male scented and masculine terminology of previous products on the market.

46. Lucy Jeffrey Lucy Jeffrey

Lucy Jeffrey is a young, female entrepreneur combining her love for socks and animals by selling bamboo socks where 10% of the profits are donated to animal conservation charities. She started Bare Kind in 2018 whilst working full time at a large UK bank. She describes her entrepreneurial journey as a rollercoaster, leading up to the pivotal moment when she quit her job in December 2020 to run Bare Kind full time! Lucy’s vision for Bare Kind is to have the largest range of animal socks ever, all contributing to charitable causes. She has started with some fairly commonly known species, but the plan is to spread the word about some lesser-known species too, who need the spotlight just as much.

47. Katarzyna Iwanich

101 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021Katarzyna Iwanich, Co-Founder of Insightland.org, an SEO agency. Expert in business relations with over 10 years of experience. She worked for and with JWT, Tesco, Allegro (Naspers Group), Liberty Direct. She started her professional career both by representing a marketing agency, but she was also on the client’s side, to whom the agencies addressed offers. Experience gained over the years of cooperation on both sides taught her what business she wants to run and how to offer her services, how to work with clients, but also what are the clients’ needs in terms of marketing and how to satisfy them – so she decided to found Insightland.org with her business partner.

48. Katia Vlachos

Katia Vlachos Female Entrepreneurs

Katia Vlachos is a writer, coach, and experienced expat. She writes on cross-cultural adaptation and the rewards and challenges of expatriate life. A global nomad by choice, Katia was born in Cameroon, raised in Greece, and spent two decades living and working in the US and various European countries. In total, she’s lived in eight cities, seven countries, and three continents. She’s moved as a single person, as part of a couple, and as part of a family with children and has experienced both extremely successful and utterly disastrous moves. As an expat coach, Katia provides transition coaching services to expats and globally mobile professionals at various stages of their great moves. Her services include coaching, training, custom workshops, guest writing/blogging, and public speaking.

49. Kimberly Maska

Kimberly Maska Female Entrepreneurs

Kimberly Maska is the CEO of Spiritual Biz Publishing, creator of Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, and publisher of Spiritual Biz Magazine. She uses her business and marketing expertise to show spiritual coaches how to create financial success while shifting consciousness on this planet. She brings nearly 20 years of business development experience to the table, including 8 years on Wall Street. Five of those Wall Street years were as a managing partner at a broker dealer, valued at $165 million, that she founded with 8 colleagues. With recognized efforts in changing people’s lives, Kimberly Maska is gifted with the ability to intuitively see a client’s business and craft a strategy for success.

50. Kirsten Baumberger

Kirsten Baumberger Female Entrepreneurs

Kirsten is the co-founder and director of partnerships at minisocial.io, a UGC (User Generated Content) agency disrupting the way brands view (and get value from) influencer campaigns. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs she was encouraged from a very young age to take the road less traveled and build something for herself. MGMT Creative Inc. was born in the fall of 2017 as a social media and content marketing agency, it’s flagship offering quickly became their hand-picked micro influencer activations which would launch as a standalone service, minisocial.io, on January 1st, 2019. minisocial.io offers fully-managed micro influencer campaigns that its clients use as a way to both reap the traditional benefits of influencer activations in terms of engagement and reach while also populating a library of fully-licensed custom content featuring their product.

51. Kirsten Helgeson

Kirsten Helgeson Female Entrepreneurs

Kirsten Helgeson is a social change visionary, strategist and advocate, using technology to drive mental health and women’s empowerment efforts globally. After 12 years leading D&I, philanthropy, sustainability and branding efforts with Fortune 500 companies, she left corporate life behind, jumping into global relief and empowerment. This work has taken her to all corners of the world – from refugee camps in Greece to orphanages in Haiti. Hurricane zones to public health crises. Along the way, she’s learned a lot about people, community and what it takes to build a better world for everyone. Armed with expertise and experience, Kirsten founded Just A Girl – the digital hub of mental health and women’s empowerment globally.

Female Entrepreneurs from L-P

52. Lajuanda Asemota Lajuanda Asemota

With nearly two decades of experience creating impact across sectors, Oakland native Lajuanda M. Asemota specializes in grassroots program design, diversity and inclusion in educational spaces, and technology for good.Lajuanda is also passionate about community building and cultural expression. This passion has led her to organize hundreds of spaces, events, retreats, workshops, and conferences to this end, including the Empowering Women of Color Conference, the Western Regional LGBTQIA Conference, and a lecture series entitled “Oral Histories and Traditions” at the Multicultural Community Center, where she also co-founded an art gallery space.

53. Lauralee Sheehan

Lauralee Sheehan Female EntrepreneursLauralee is a design thinker, a digital addict, but above all an artist. With years of experience working in the creative and digital product development sector, Lauralee is a trailblazer in the digital space, pushing forward how creative and tech intersect. She has led dynamic creative and dev teams on various award-winning digital, interactive and research-based projects. Her unique background, having her own product line (with a product design shoutout on Buzzfeed) and as a former owner of an indie record label, Lauralee brings a fresh, authentic and innovative approach to the design and learning space.

54. LeWann Moses

LeWann Moses Female EntrepreneursLaWann Moses is the Founder & CEO of WannMo, LLC. She is a Success Strategist and Business Executive with a consulting firm that provides coaching services to clients. LaWann is the Creator and Host of the More Than A Mother podcast, where she helps moms find freedom to pursue their dreams and be great moms at the same time. LaWann, one the many remarkable women entrepreneurs interviewed by IdeaMensch, is an advocate and visionary leader who has a passion for empowering others to rise up, reclaim their power, and live a life of boldness, purpose, and authenticity. She helps moms ditch the guilt, master their time, and maximize their energy so they can do more of the things they love and enjoy.

55. Leslie Bradford-Scott

Leslie Bradford-Scott Female EntrepreneursLeslie Bradford-Scott launched Walton Wood Farm, an award-winning bath and beauty gift company, in her laundry room and built it to 2m in sales in 4 years. She started her business the old-fashioned way, filling her pick up truck with products and cold-calling on gift shops. Walton Wood Farm products are sold in over 2500 stores throughout North America. A classic success story embodied by this female entrepreneur.

56. Lexie Smith

101 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021

From winning Shark Tank brands, to some of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America, Lexie Smith, Founder of THEPRBAR inc., has helped countless companies and entrepreneurs gain accelerated success through the world of Public Relations. Featured in “Brilliant PR Experts Under 30”, and “Top 20 in their 20s”, Lexie Smith’s career in Public Relations began concurrently to obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Oregon in PR and Journalism. Before the age of 20, Lexie was representing brands such as Angry Birds, Family Guy, and Cabela’s, to name a few.

57. Lila Volkas

Lila Volkas Female EntrepreneursLila Volkas is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and founder of Kombucha to the People, which provides corporate team building workshops, public classes and kombucha products. She has taught more than 1000 people how to make kombucha in hundreds of workshops all over the world. She works with companies such as Google, AirBnB, and Atlassian to bring wellness into the workplace with her corporate workshops. Lila has a passion for helping people feel good in their bodies and empowering them to make educated decisions about their health – a truly inspiring female entrepreneur.

58. Lindsey Dinneen

Lindsey Dinneen Female Entrepreneurs

Lindsey Dinneen creates and shares beauty, joy, and light through positive expression as a female entrepreneur, writer, leader, teacher, and mentor. She is a success and lifestyle coach at Life, But Better, is the owner of VidaDance Studio, and the Artistic Director of the non-profit VidaDance Company. She is the founder/producer of a major annual arts event (National Dance Week Kansas City) and is an Adjunct Professor at Johnson County Community College’s Continuing Education department. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband, snuggling with her dogs, exploring her beloved Kansas City, and meeting friends for coffee or happy hour.

59. Lori Steenhoek

Lori Steenhoek Female Entrepreneurs

Lori Steenhoek is an artist, designer, and mother living in Northeast Washington, D.C. She runs two small businesses and has a passion for projects that are both artistic and technical at the same time. As Owner and Creative Director of Capital Pixel, Lori creates architectural renderings and animations for real estate marketing. Her work and background in the architecture and design realm inspired her to start making 3D-printed jewelry using similar design software. Love, Lori Michelle Jewelry was soon born. In her free time, Lori can be found on foot running or walking around DC, shopping for pens and paper products, and collecting rocks, plants, artwork, and vintage treasures.

60. Lyda Djarar Fischer

Lyda Djarar FischerLyda Djarar Fischer is the founder and creative director at Lyda Beauty. She is on a mission to challenge society’s inside the box approach to beauty. Her aim to inspire you through high quality, forward-thinking make-up and innovative cosmetic tools. Lyda’s goal is to create a beauty culture that defies rules and expectations…her hope is to challenge you to reach beyond your comfort zone and allow your most authentic self to shine through – one of the female entrepreneurs who has chosen to focus on products for women by women.

61. Madison Toal Madison Toal

Madison Toal left her hometown in North Carolina at the age of 20 to set out on a new adventure in Barcelona, Spain. Three years later, she is now a graduate from the University of Derby with a degree in Business Administration and Management, has 32 countries under her belt, and is the Project Director for a nonprofit that works to match donors with impactful, humanitarian outreach.To date, the donor-focused charity has completed projects in over ten countries, affecting the lives of more than 40,000 people through educational programs, medical assistance, child development, and health and hygiene. Operated out of Belmont, North Carolina, with an international branch in Barcelona, Spain, eMite partners with outstanding in-country organizations to meet both donors’ and recipients’ needs.

62. Maggie Sprenger

Maggie SprengerMaggie Sprenger is co-founder and managing director of Green Cow Venture Capital, a $50 million early-stage venture fund that backs companies seeking to change the landscape by addressing issues such as world inefficiency and scarcity. With more than 15 years of experience in venture and real estate investment, Maggie leverages her expertise to drive meaningful innovation today to build a recession-resilient portfolio in Green Cow Venture Capital. She has a particularly strong interest in emerging markets (with a focus on Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East), and she speaks on this topic regularly in seminars and summits.

63. Margaret Geiger

Margaret Geiger

Margaret H. Geiger is a public relations, social media and marketing professional in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She started a full-service marketing business in 2018 called Twelve31 Media, LLC. The firm’s mission is to create big ideas for small businesses through strategic messaging and full-circle marketing campaigns. Margaret is a firm believer in the importance of building relationships, community involvement and always putting her clients’ needs first. As one of our more renowned women entrepreneurs she’s earned client features in The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, MSN, Southern Living, Coastal Living, Country Living, Shopify, Travel Channel, Restaurant Insider, Sport Fishing Magazine and many more renown publications. Notable clients include Dave & Buster’s, Sonesta Hotels & Resorts, Dunkin’ Brands, and RE/MAX.

64. Marci Brockmann Marci Brockmann

Marci Brockmann is a multi-passionate woman – an artist, an author, a podcaster, and an English teacher. She has been writing expressively in journals for 35 years which became the basis of her two new books, Permission to Land: Searching for Love, Home & Belonging, and Permission to Land: Personal Transformation Through Writing, and her podcast Permission to Heal. She lives in New York with her husband, their grown kids, frisky cats, and many fishes.

65. Marisa Elizundia

Marisa Elizundia

Marisa is the creator of the Emotional Salary Barometer, which is an online tool that measures all the non-financial benefits that each individual gets from working. Through her tool each person working as an employee or as a freelancer has the opportunity to be aware of all these benefits and gets a personal and individual action plan with specific steps and real-life examples that everyone can implement straight away. She believes that the awareness of all these benefits can change the perception of work, be a source of intrinsic motivation, and allow the transformation of attitudes to strengthen personal and professional development.

66. Marja Verbon Marja Verbon

Marja Verbon is the founder of Jump – a job recommendation platform that helps job-seekers navigate the confusing job market and get the right job recommendations based on their experience and ambitions, and in turn, helps businesses attract the right talent for them. Prior to setting up Jump, she worked in Venture Capital investing in Series A & B marketplaces, and at McKinsey & Company, focused on strategy and operations. She has an MSc in Sociology and a BA in Economics from the University of Oxford. She sits on the Oxford University Business School Alumni Advisory Council. She has been featured in publications such as Management Today and regularly contributes on topics such as entrepreneurship, women in business, COVID survival and provides regular comments on these topics.

67. Meaghan Thomas Meaghan Thomas

Meaghan Thomas is the co-owner and president of Pinch Spice Market, an online organic and fair trade spice shop. She loves how spices connect us to cultures near and far, and how meals bring us together at the end of the day. She’s committed to fair trade, believing farmers around the world deserve thrivable, not just livable, wages because it’s the right thing to do, but also because happy farmers produce healthier, higher quality spices. She’s laser-focused on bringing awareness to, and helping to end, the exploitation and mistreatment of spice farmers. She loves exploring the world with her partner in Pinch Spice Market and in life, Thomas McGee, who founded the company first as a retail storefront in Chicago in 2012. Together, they scour the planet to source the finest organic herbs and spices from small family spice farms and tight-knit farming communities. Meaghan’s background is rooted in digital marketing. Before her spice merchant days, she was an online marketing executive for a global logistics company. When she’s not in their Louisville-based spice kitchen, you can find her biking, writing, dreaming about her next travel adventure, or huddled up on the couch reading with one of their foster dogs.

68. Melody Godfred

Melody Godfred

Melody Godfred, the Self Love Philosopher, is a female entrepreneur, writer, and speaker who leverages the power of self to inspire transformative growth in people around the world. She started her career as a litigation attorney, and soon after founded Write In Color, a full-service resume and career development company that specializes in developing compelling personal brands. Through her work coaching hundreds of women, and upon undergoing several life transitions herself, Melody discovered a common trend: in their quest to fuel their careers and relationships, women were increasingly sacrificing their authentic selves, happiness and well-being. So Melody created the Self Love Pinky Ring and launched her self love movement Fred and Far to empower women to choose themselves by practicing self-love and self-care daily.

70. Mitali Saxena Mitali Saxena

Mitali Saxena is the Founder and CEO of Fashom. She holds a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering and an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering Fed up with the disparity between fashion industry beauty standards and the needs of real women, she left her engineering career to found Fashom, a style-centered online community.  It is from this experience that she has grown into the leader that she is today as the CEO of Fashom where she has helmed a smaller but hyper-driven team to the success the company has achieved in such a short period of time.

71. Monica Eaton-Cardone Monica Eaton-Cardon

Monica Eaton-Cardone is an international entrepreneur, speaker, author, and industry thought leader. Her determination to succeed began at an early age, graduating high school at the age of 16 and maintaining two jobs while working towards a college degree in art and architecture. She sold her first business when she was 19 and has continued to showcase her entrepreneurial brilliance, launching several successful business ventures since. Today, Monica possesses more than two decades of experience in the eCommerce space as both a merchant and service provider, and is one of the world’s leading experts on payments and consumer disputes. Monica is the Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911®, a global risk mitigation firm helping online merchants optimize their profitability through chargeback management. Chargebacks911 has more than 350 employees globally, with offices in North America and Europe.

72. Natacha Seroussi Natacha Seroussi

Natacha Seroussi is Co-Founder, Creator, and Designer at LaFlore Paris, a line of beautifully-crafted, sustainable vegan bags and accessories. Her father, Elie Seroussi, has over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry and opened his first fashion house, CECILE & JEANNE, in his late twenties. Natacha took a keen interest in his work at a young age and showed a strong passion for fashion, the arts, and nature. She grew up between the family ranch in Burgundy and the atelier in Paris and after completing her studies of the arts, Natacha naturally partnered up with her forever mentor and biggest supporter; Elie.

73. Natalie Hardie Natalie Hardie

Natalie Hardie is an award winning holistic mental health practitioner and Director of NH Neuro Training, an organization which specializes in consultancy and training on the neurological and cognitive mechanisms which underlie human behavior. Natalie founded NH Neuro Training in 2018; and the organization quickly became a leading social impact organization across the globe. Natalie is renowned for exquisitely applying complex scientific knowledge to real life everyday situations which both captivates and educates her audiences. Natalie is acclaimed for her eloquent style of creative non-fiction writing on neuroscience and mental health and has been featured in numerous health and wellbeing publications.

74. Natalie Trice

Natalie Trice

Natalie Trice is an author and PR Director based in the UK. From the CEOs of international TV channels and Finance Directors at IT companies to entrepreneurs at the forefront of their industry and ambitious start-ups, Natalie has worked with them all, and many more. Today, as well as retained clients, Natalie mentors people around the world and gives them the PR skills and confidence to go out and talk to the press. With her ideas, contacts and cheerleading approach, her clients secure the column inches and airwaves that will help them to stand out from the crowd, and shine – thanks to one of our remarkable female entrepreneurs.

75. Nicole Authier

Nicole Authier

Nicole Authier launched MYTAGALONGS in 2006 in Montreal, Canada with the objective of streamlining women’s lives in the smartest way. Authier’s path to launching the global women’s accessories brand now known for product that simplifies and organizes women’s lives began with disposable underwear, her very first effort to create a solution for busy women that would help make their everyday lives easier. The MYTAGALONGS product offering has evolved into over 50 products and is available at over 150 retailers including Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Anthropologie and more. The brand offers lifestyle accessories where fashion meets function. What started in a small home office has grown into an in-house team of 10 with offices and warehouses in two countries.

76. Nivi Achanta Nivi Achanta

Nivi Achanta is the founder and CEO of Soapbox Project, a media startup that makes it easy for busy people to take action on causes they care about. They send you bite-sized action plans on climate change, making it easy for you to play your part in only 3 minutes every week! In 2021, Soapbox will expand its content, build a community, and find better ways to bring locally curated actions to readers all over the world.

77. Nnenna Umelloh Nnenna Umelloh

Nnenna Umelloh stopped perming her hair when she was 16 years old with the full support of her father – who is bald. So it was up to her to figure out how to take care of her natural hair. For years she went through a myriad of various products and treatments in the search of the quintessential “good hair”. For most of her journey, she was wholly unaware of her texture (4c) and what that really meant. At every corner, she underestimated the importance of mental health and routines like deep conditioning. Not to mention she spent thousands of dollars simply experimenting with various products. Her hair went through every phase of dryness and damage imaginable before she finally found the light – a decade later.

78. Nyasha Bryant Nyasha Bryant

Nyasha Bryant is an LA based writer and the founder of Miss Read Books, the internet’s only bookstore to make thoughtfully curated titles written by and centering BIPOC women & non-binary femmes as heroes, dreamers, and lovers accessible and easy to find. As a longtime writer and creative, Nyasha currently works alongside Miss Read Books in creative content for film & television studio projects at one of the leading marketing & advertising companies in LA, Herzog & Co. There, she’s worked on projects including Amazon’s UNCLE FRANK, Apple’s GREYHOUND, and Focus Features’ ANTEBELLUM. As both a creative and a business owner, Nyasha’s passion lies in highlighting magical, adventurous, and dreamy stories that not only celebrate black and brown girls, but are written by them too.

79. Olivia Summerhill Olivia Summerhill

Olivia Summerhill, the founder of Summerhill Wealth Management, works exclusively with affluent women, protecting their lifestyle throughout the divorce process. Olivia works closely with her clients’ divorce mediators to negotiate the most advantageous settlements. After the divorce finalization, Olivia uses her knowledge of behavioral finance to work with her clients on topics relating to a divorce’s impact. Specifically, on psychological behaviors such as self-awareness, money patterns, and effective financial decision-making, her female clients can control and maintain their living standards. Olivia is one of few financial professionals to hold Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and Behavioral Financial Advising credentials.

80. Olivia Whipple

Olivia Whipple Olivia Whipple is the owner and co-founder at The Audit Library. Olivia, one of our most experienced female entrepreneurs, has over fifteen years of financial institution and audit industry experience. Unable to find a solution for templates and the other required documents she needed as an audit leader, resulting in lost productivity when these were developed in-house, Olivia decided to create a service to fill this void in the market. In 2018, Olivia launched The Audit Library, an online document subscription service for Internal Auditors. A lifelong writer, Olivia authors The Audit Library Blog, an online publication about auditing theory, practice, and the unique challenges and opportunities auditors experience. In 2019, The Audit Library expanded into assurance consulting for the credit union industry. Olivia has volunteered and performed speaking engagements for various professional and industry organizations. Olivia holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Oregon and a Post-Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate from Portland State University. She is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and lives in the Charlotte, NC area.

81. Olivia Zhang Olivia Zhang

Olivia Zhang is a 15 year old sophomore at Mclean High School. Olivia founded Cancer Kids First (CKF), a youth-led nonprofit dedicated to providing kids with cancer with the chance at a normal childhood, last year at the age of 14. CKF was an organization she created to honor both her grandfather and beloved teacher who passed from cancer, as well as an organization she hopes is able to connect youth all over the world who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of pediatric cancer patients. Despite the challenges that occurred because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Olivia now leads over 7000 people including directors, volunteers, and chapter heads; all programs and volunteer work is now done 100% virtually too!

82. Paulina Karpis 101 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021

Paulina Karpis is the cofounder and CEO of brunchwork, a company that provides modern business education via a two-month Business Intensive, membership, and free newsletter. After a career in finance, Paulina began to look into MBA programs which led her to a problem that needed to be solved. MBA programs were expensive, outdated and time consuming. Enter brunchwork, Paulina’s groundbreaking solution, that has helped tens of thousands of millennial professionals obtain top-rated, online education from industry leaders.

Female Entrepreneurs from Q-U

83. Rebecca Binnedyk Rebecca Binnedyk

Rebecca Binnedyk is an international thought leader and the new breed of CFO, the Chief Fun Officer. She specializes in infusing fun into organizations, businesses, charities, schools, and families. She is a noted pop singer, jazz musician, and voiceover artist who has dedicated her life to giving back and making a difference. Rather than focusing on traditional methods, Rebecca teaches her clients how to use FUN to transform their lives and businesses.

84. Rebecca Miano

Rebecca MianoRebecca Miano is a Kenyan businesswoman and a passionate advocate for gender equality in male-dominated industries. Committed to female empowerment, sustainable energy, and elevating vulnerable communities, Rebecca works tirelessly to positively impact Africa, one village at a time. In her role as the first female managing director and CEO of KenGen, a leading African energy company, Rebecca is living proof that it is possible to close the gender gap in corporate Africa. Besides her role at KenGen, Rebecca is also a member of the World Bank Group’s Advisory Council on Gender and Development and serves as a board member of UN Global Compact Kenya, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. In recognition of her work, she was recently presented with the prestigious African Inspirational Business Leadership Award by African Leadership Magazine.

85. Rejoice Jones Rejoice Jones

Rejoice is founder and CEO of Vower. Vower is a two-sided marketplace that connects skilled volunteers and interns to small businesses and organizations that need affordable, on-demand support. Vower’s platform allows volunteers to exchange their community service hours for dope rewards like Air Jordans, cryptocurrency, and other rewards. Rejoice is a two-time entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in building strategic partnerships & organizing community initiatives for non-profit organizations, schools, and small businesses. Rejoice gained social-impact business experience during her time at the University of Cape Town, where she collaborated with colleagues in launching Ubomibeads, a micro-enterprise in paper bead jewelry. By partnering with single mothers in the South African township, Gugulethu, Ubomibeads went on to become one of Harvard’s 2011 Business for Good finalist, Berkeley’s Civic Pride Auction feature, and a spotlighted student-led company for Princeton’s Social Enterprise Initiative.

86. Rivky Itzkowitz

Rivky Itzkowitz Rivky Itzkowitz is a 24-year-old fashion designer living in NYC. As a practicing Orthodox Jew, she was frustrated at not being able to find modest special occasion wear that actually fit, so she set out to create her own. Impact Fashion, the brand she founded two years ago, is the only size-inclusive modest fashion brand on the market. Every style is fitted to perfection and is available in sizes 2-24 because there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. Rivky grew her wholesale business to over 25 boutiques nationwide and has also launched a retail website.

87. Royce Gomez-King

Royce Gomez-King

As a business owner of over two decades, the coaching is relevant, on point, and current, not theory. Clients see results and work with RoyceTalks repeatedly. Royce has worked with over 200 startups to help them develop solid foundations and grow revenue. She is an SBDC Certified Coach and has her education in Nonprofit Management, working with the executive team on strategic plans and fundraising. Royce’s business extends internationally through speaking and consulting.

88. Sarah Figueroa 101 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021

Sarah Figueroa is Founder & CEO of Geojam, the first rewards-based social music platform bringing artists and fans together through customized experiences. Sarah is passionate about accelerating consumer businesses to create meaningful, positive experiences; prior to Geojam she launched One Box Industry, an experiential marketing agency where she served as CEO and oversaw social strategies, artist endorsements, and music sponsorships for some of the world’s leading brands and events including SXSW, Art Basel, New York Fashion Week, Combs Enterprises, Diageo, Sennheiser & Universal. A known thought leader with deep expertise applying and evolving marketing solutions, Sarah has been globally recognized for her work in the music industry by Google as well as for her role in marketing the book Friction that quickly propelled to #1 on Amazon’s best-seller list.

89. Sarah Rosner Sarah-Rosner

Sarah Rosner’s journey towards fitness and nutrition has not always been easy. In fact, she did not really start to care about her health until college. Dance was always a fundamental component of her Musical theater studies at Columbia College Chicago, but she struggled with balance and core stability. Within a few Pilates sessions she was already able to reap the benefits. After obtaining her BFA in Musical Theater, she traveled throughout Europe and rediscovered a passion for fitness. Upon her return to the United States, she took STOTT PILATES® courses and became certified. Pilates has always been a way for her to explore the mind and body connection. For years she had chronic migraines and believed that stress was the cause of them. In her late 20s, she took a yearlong intensive at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition where she discovered that stress, nutrition, and sleep were contributing factors to her headaches. When she obtained her coaching certification from them, she made it her mission to help people get to the root of their health concerns.

90. Dr. Sophie Chung Dr. Sophie Chung

Dr. Sophie Chung is the CEO and Founder of Qunomedical, a Berlin-based digital health platform that is providing patients worldwide access to high-quality affordable healthcare. With financial backing from renowned investors, such as Project A, Sophie founded Qunomedical in 2015 with the mission to give patients worldwide access to the best doctors and treatments. Currently, Qunomedical serves over 10,000 patients every month via 100% free, non-binding assessments – providing treatments for patients from over 50 countries. The type of treatment ranges from dental implants to complex cardiac surgeries. All clinics and doctors are vetted using a thorough and unbiased approach, so patients can be sure that their treatment is of the highest quality. With Sophie’s belief that healthcare should be easily and readily accessible to all, each patient is assigned an individual Patient Manager, with 24/7 access.

91. Suuchi Ramesh Suuchi Ramesh

Suuchi Ramesh spent the first ten years of her career in technology and predictive data analytics with hyper-growth unicorns. After identifying the supply chain as one of the few legacy industries to embrace digitization, she started Suuchi Inc. in 2016. Suuchi Inc. is a next-generation supply chain technology platform that digitizes the end-to-end value chain for companies of all sizes. In just four years, the company has partnered with over 200 businesses to spearhead a digital revolution of the manual processes that stunt scalability and profitability through its proprietary software, the Suuchi GRID. The GRID provides customers access to a transparent supply chain and real-time analytics to make smarter, data-backed decisions.

92. Suzanne Barker Suzanne Barker

Suzanne Barker is the Co-Founder of When I Shop. She grew up in Auckland, New Zealand where she had an adventurous childhood sailing on her family’s yacht. She has a creative background, having studied visual arts and started her career as a picture editor in the media industry. She moved into trademark portfolio management and founded an online e-decorator business. While up-skilling in digital marketing she identified the struggle that brands and shoppers have in finding each other. She convinced her husband and technical co-founder Max Loddo to start When I Shop with her. The mission of When I Shop is to help people consciously find quality brands in niche areas and shop in a more informed and intentional way.

93. Suzanne Wylde Suzanne Wylde

Suzanne Wylde is a coach, author, alternative therapist, stretching trainer and entrepreneur. She has studied in China, the US and the UK and has travelled around the world, learning about self development and wellness from different cultures. She enjoys coaching, particularly as a means of helping people to explore avenues for becoming more successful in the way that is meaningful to them. Her books teach people to do their own self-development work and to care for their minds and bodies in effective and self-compassionate ways.

94. Tephra Miriam

Tephra Miriam Tephra Miriam, eponymous founder of Tephra Miriam Publishing and Productions, is an avid thought leader, author of middle-grade novel ‘Escape to Clown Town’, graphic artist, photographer, musician, producer and entrepreneur with a passion for change. She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Chicago, Illinois when she was 18 years old. Her search for adventure took her far and wide at a young age and she continues to mentor, learn, work and speak all over the US. Tephra is a firm believer of redefining the way we think and live. She is a wellness advocate and often blogs on organizational development, challenging the status quo and creating a holistic work environment – one of our truly inspiring female entrepreneurs.

95. Tex Dworkin Tex Dworkin

Tex Dworkin is the Co-founder and Chief Community Officer of Raddle, a virtual space for 20-minute conversations between solopreneurs and community members who are there to help them succeed in business. Before Raddle–she was a socially responsible business leader and spokesperson, supporting thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, serving on multiple boards and making media appearances to promote business as a tool for social change.

Female Entrepreneurs from V-Z

96. Vickie Brennan Vickie Brennan

Vickie Brennan is the Business Operations Co-Founder of Chordly, a new music app for anyone wanting to harness music theory to create better music. She’s also the Chief People Officer at CroatiaTech, a Croatian American technology company in Croatia, where she’s been living for 2.5 years. Vickie is a U.S. Navy Veteran and has a bachelor’s degree of Business Administration from The Ohio State University. Vickie has over 10 years of Operations and People experience building and managing scaling tech teams in Silicon Valley. She’s worked for multiple billion-dollar tech startups including Cruise Automation (GM) (self-driving cars), who was recently listed in the top 3 best U.S. companies for career growth, and One Medical Group (healthcare tech) who are innovating in Primary Care across the U.S. and just had a successful IPO.

97. Wendy Margolin

Wendy MargolinWendy Margolin has worked in marketing and communications for 18 years. As owner and founder of Sparkr Marketing, the goal is to help small businesses tell their story so that they can reach their business goals. As a nonprofit’s communications director during the explosion of digital marketing, she had to figure out every strategy and tactic to tell a brand story. Knowing firsthand the rapid pace of change in digital marketing, Wendy helps organizations filter through the countless marketing tactics to find the right ones to reach their target market. Most importantly, she helps organizations stay true to their story. Being one of our veteran female entrepreneurs she has deep experience in writing, social media content and ads, branding and graphic design.

98. Wendy Morgan Wendy Morgan

Wendy is a lifelong educator and diversity, equity, and inclusion expert, driven by a passion for seeing equity and inclusion become foundational values for her community and society. She has over 25 years of experience in teaching, training, and designing innovative online education platforms. As a recipient of 5 grants, including one from the National Science Foundation, she has been able to expand her work in promoting equity and inclusion nationally, As CEO and founder of Shift, she is expanding her mission. Shift is a technology company defining the future of education through the use of virtual reality as a tool to achieve improved learning outcomes. Shift’s focus is in the education and healthcare sectors, delivering training on practical and soft skills to address the most pressing societal needs of today.

99. Wendy Rose Berry Wendy Rose Berry

Wendy Rose Berry describes herself as an “employed entrepreneur.” She juggles and balances her corporate career as a Director, Integrated Content and Multicultural Partnerships in the TV division at Warner Bros., while also running an intimate care business, conditionHER aimed at providing natural and safe solutions to intimate issues that are typically uncomfortable to talk about. Wendy is passionate about helping develop the youth in her community, having participated in the youth mentorship program at WB, in addition to the many hours spent mentoring for organizations like Girls For A Change and All Ways Up Foundation. Simply put, Ms. Berry is a social butterfly that continues to cultivate her innate ability to connect people, ideas, unique opportunities, and much more.

100. Wendy YatesWendy Yates

Wendy Yates is the CEO and founder of Abigail-Elise Brands, a collection of companies on a mission to reinvent what others believe to be possible in the world of design, leadership, and global impact. She is host of The Design Driven Life Podcast, an upbeat interview style podcast with a goal of sharing stories of people doing good in the world with a mission to inspire others to shift their mindset to create the world they want to live in. Her companies currently include: Abigail-Elise Design Studio, an award-winning design firm specializing in interior design and merchandising for commercial, hospitality, and residential projects; Well Fit Human Retreats, a wellness based impact humanitarian travel company; and AE Cares, a non-profit foundation dedicated to positively influencing the wellbeing of others connecting need with resource. Together Wendy and her team elevate the overall quality of people’s livelihood by being a force for good.

xf101. Zoe Share

Zoe ShareZoe Share started Schmooz Media, a social marketing and communications agency in 2014 after completing her Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program at the University of Waterloo. Formerly a classroom teacher, Zoe is passionate about the power of starting a conversation to positively impact business outcomes. Zoe and the Schmooz team start their work with a CORE (values, clients and goals) workshop and create content for digital and print use that is in line with a company’s values. Their mission is to help clients attract and retain ideal customers who will align with a company’s core.

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