Paul Burris

Paul Burris

Paul is the co-founder and CEO of PataBid, a software company that focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. He started his career as a mechanical engineer, but ended up overseeing IT departments in most of the companies he worked at. Paul eventually pivoted his career and dove head…

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Dean Levitt

Dean Levitt

Raised on a farm in South Africa, Dean Levitt moved to the United States to pursue a career in music, eventually finding his way to the tech world. What began as a booking tool for musicians became Mad Mimi, an email marketing tool that grew to over 200,000 users and…

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Jude Novak

Jude Novak

A seasoned expert in the SaaS and eLearning fields, Jude Novak brings a wealth of knowledge to lead his team at Coassemble. Jude has always been interested in how technology and software could be used to improve the current standards of learning. After working with tech giants like Samsung and…

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Vadym Zotov

Vadym Zotov Tech Entrepreneurs

Vadym Zotov is a co-founder and CEO at Devox Software, an IT outsourcing company in Ukraine. Such a choice of the industry was not accidental. Vadym graduated from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and started his career as a .NET developer. In just four years he got a leading position…

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Jeff Roscher

Jeff Roscher Tech Entrepreneurs

Jeff Roscher is the Founder and CEO of Information Professionals, Inc. (eWorkOrders), providing state-of-the-art Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software. eWorkOrders offers a cost-effective groundbreaking reliable web-based CMMS software platform to help increase uptime with a seamless integration of maintenance devices, data and systems. Their team of professionals has extensive…

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Hugh Rees

Hugh Rees

Focus on the lifetime value of a customer more than just top-line revenue.   Hugh Rees is a software engineer from Brisbane, Australia whose experience led him to become the co-founder and head of digital services at Expose Media. Rees now spends half of his time in Australia and the…

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Ryan Dempsey

Ryan Dempsey Tech Entrepreneurs

Ryan Dempsey is the CEO and founder of The Compliance Workbook, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company which provides industry-leading software that is changing the future of compliance and asset management. He worked in the electrical industry for many years, the majority of this time in the Social Housing…

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