Help Make a Movie That Matters

At our first IdeaMensch event in Los Angeles (the second one will be announced shortly), my colleague and filmmaker Court Crandall talked about how to make a movie that matters.

Which he did.

You might remember the story.

Court initiated a free throw contest at Compton High, where rather than basketball skill – the entrance criteria was GPA. Oh, and the winner was to receive a $40,000 scholarship. The whole idea received a ton of PR (mostly good and some bad, some people didn’t like that the actual contest was a free throw contest). But I can tell you first hand that the energy surrounding the participants and the Compton High community as a whole was pretty awesome.

The winner of the contest turned out to be a young man named Allan, who also happened to be the point guard of the basketball team. That he won didn’t surprise me.

But what happened next did.

Allan received a full ride scholarship to Cal State Northridge and decided to gift the contest award to all the other participants of the contest. He didn’t have to do that, but he did.

Anyways, Court is now wrapping up the movie and needs to raise just a bit more money to do that. So, check out Court’s talk at IdeaMensch Los Angeles and the actual trailer for the movie. And if you’d like to support finishing it, here is a link to the Kickstarter page fundraising page.