John Stepleton – Innovator, Entrepreneur, Steward

John Stepleton provides insight so others are better able to see what is possible.  A serial entrepreneur and 3-time Inc. 500 Growth Company owner, John’s unique experience and perspective sheds light on the potential that exists in every organization.  A dedicated learner, John shares his vast knowledge and expertise through speaking, writing and consulting in practical ways that will help any business be more efficient and effective.

John’s study of what makes great businesses great and what causes failure is what led him to his newest start-up – Knowledge-Fulcrum brings to market collaboration software for small to medium sized business.  Radically simple and highly effective, Knowledge-Fulcrum’s tools leverage the power of visual collaboration and crowd-sourcing to make any organization more effective and efficient.

What are you working on right now?

1) Developing web enabled applications that help small and medium sized business to implement continuous improvement programs by using collaboration and visual thinking methods.

2) Writing a book – The Last 100 Days – Lessons Learned from a Failed Entrepreneur

3) Creating the world’s first collaborative board game that is aimed at teaching young people how to live successful, productive and fulfilled lives.

3 Trends that excite you?

1) The fact that we are in the middle of the biggest transformation in human history.  We are moving from a society where access to information and knowledge was limited based on your socioeconomic state to one where information and knowledge is available to nearly anyone.

2) The power of one.  We are living in a time where any one person can affect change on a scale that was not possible even 10 years ago.  By connecting the world through social media outlets any one of us can change the world.

3) We are experiencing a shift in what we all value.  No longer are we just interested in our own materialistic gain but now want to find a way to live in a balanced society.

How do you bring ideas to life?

I’m an entrepreneur.  I bring my ideas to life by turning them into a business.  By monetizing ideas they are more likely to stick.  They must add value to everyone or it won’t last.  Collaboration is a much more effective way to bring ideas to life – the more people that can bring their ideas and energy the better the outcome.

Do you believe that everyone can live a productive, fulfilled life and we all can win?

I do.

What is your personal maxim?

Mine is trimtab.