Cody McGraw – Founder of SCOUT Military Discounts

Cody McGraw - Founder of SCOUT Military Discounts

I like stay organized. If someone saw how my email folders were organized they would probably be concerned. Cody McGraw is from Portland, Oregon. Raised in a family business, he got a lot of his entrepreneur skill sets by watching his parents operate their successful catering company. He graduated college from a private university near […]

Jason Halstead – Founder of Gist Brands

[quote style=”boxed”]In fact, in my job it’s hugely more important to ask the right questions rather than have all the right answers. I’m an innately curious person. I’ve always asked, “Why?” I think every entrepreneur should back up the bus and look at the real reasons and roots behind the current change, need, idea, or […]

Graham Talley – Co-founder and CEO of Float On

[quote style=”boxed”]I only know one way – by putting way more work into them than you ever thought you would at the beginning.[/quote] Graham Talley is Co-founder and CEO of Portland based business Float On, which is the largest float tank center in the United States. In addition to running over 1250 sessions in their […]

Joe Woodruff – Founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]If you seek the counsel of many,  patterns emerge too great to ignore.[/quote] Joe Woodruff is an inspirational speaker, author, coach and pastor. Founder of, he speaks to the three driving needs of every person: the need for faith, love and influence. Utilizing word and media, Joe challenges commonly held perceptions and calls […]

Jill Nelson – Founder and CEO of Ruby Receptionists

[quote style=”boxed”]It’s a combination of three things: Incent, inspire, and empower.[/quote] Founder and CEO Jill Nelson has grown Ruby Receptionists to a multimillion dollar business, which has experienced double-digit growth every year since its inception in 2003. With 135 passionate staff members, Ruby serves more than 2,600 small businesses throughout North America. Jill’s signature approach […]

Mike Shur – CEO and Founder at ShurkyJurky

[quote style=”boxed”]I’d start by finding a sugar momma. Seriously, being prepared financially is important because it increases the likelihood for success. [/quote] Mike Shur works hard and loves his work. An ex-investment banker, Mike found his passion in jerky. His current focus is on disrupting the NW food and beverage startup and jerky industries. Mike is […]

Zeke Camusio – Co-founder of Windcatcher

[quote style=”boxed”]”Don’t lose focus and go after the next shinny bubble you find along the way.”[/quote] Zeke Camusio, our head of business development, is a serial entrepreneur who started seven companies and sold three of them. Zeke is also a published author, an avid traveler (96 countries so far and counting), and semi-professional rugby player. […]

Joshua Siler – Founder and CTO of HiringThing

[quote style=”boxed”]”Being okay with failure lets me try all sorts of things I might not have attempted otherwise. Almost all of my best successes came out of this process.”[/quote] Joshua Siler is the Founder and CTO of HiringThing, a Saas provider that helps companies post jobs online, manage applicants and hire great employees. Prior to […]

Mike Munter – Owner of

[quote style=”boxed”]”I believe things are always getting better.”[/quote] Mike Munter grew up in the Baltimore suburb of Reisterstown, Maryland. He graduated high school in 1983 and had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. After a couple years of college, he fell into his first full-time job as a personal computer technician, […]