Laura Martínez del Pozo – Founder of peSeta

[quote style=”boxed”]There is a spanish say:  “Patience is the mother of science”. It is totally  true, if you perseverate, you look for solutions and keep the good mood, you make it. [/quote]

Laura Martínez del Pozo  is the Founder of peSeta.

At the beginning peSeta was gifts for friends and bags for herself. Now it is a local brand that produces gifts for worldwide people and bags and accessories for brands, artists, institutions or friends such as Marc Jacobs, New Museum NY, Lomography, etc.

peSeta has made textile products since the beginning of the century and it isn’t easy to know what else they will be doing in the future, since their concept can perfectly be applied to many different products. What is certain is that whatever it is, it will be made with joy and balance in mind.

The company tries to take advantage and to help maintain the fine textile traditions of Spain at all times and other countries under the Fair Trade label. The fabrics used come from all over the world; over the years, we have used fabrics from more than 40 cities from around 20 different countries.

By the way, la peseta is the name of the former the currency of Spain, before the euro.

What are you working on right now?

  • New great collaborations.
  • Creating a new collection of mainly unisex bags and some accessories.
  • Starting to design kids stuff.
  • Planning the new sewing and more workshops at Casa peSeta in Madrid.

What does your typical day look like?

I´d say, there´s no typical day for me but some things are everyday almost the same. I don´t use alarm clock, I practice some meditation before breakfast and  try to eat properly every day. The rest is always changing.  This morning I decided to stay at my place working, I had a lot of mails to answer and to organize the next days. After lunch we are having the week meeting at the office, then I have to reherse with the band I am playing now and maybe go for some beers, tomorrow is bank holiday here!

3 trends that excite you?

  • Any kind of underground cultures, specially teenagers
  • Bread making
  • Traditional chinese martial arts

How do you bring ideas to life?

Always carry my notebook with me. I make lists of everything so I can cross out when the things are done. I also use the notebook to make drawings and to stick anytype of papers or pieces of materials that I want to keep so I maintain my Diogenes Syndrome under control.

What inspires you?

Inspiration is everywhere… haha, I know it sounds like a topic but it think is true.

For the bussines issue I think I am inspired by persons who didn´t have many opportunites and made a lot, like talented seamstress… When I think about them I stop complaining and continue working with a smile. I try to apply the creativity in all the management and production aspects, so make this tough parts really challenging.

When I am designing I always  need to changing the space before designing and t once space and light are arranged (not in any special way) the creative part goes itself. I gotta said that the correct aesthetic view sometimes makes me bored.

What is one mistake you’ve made, and what did you learn from it?

I make mistakes all the time, it is the way of learning.What I learned is that things always take at least three times more than you initially planned so you must keep the calm.

There is a spanish say:  “Patience is the mother of science”. It is totally  true, if you perseverate, you look for solutions and keep the good mood, you make it. Most of the times what you finally get is different than what you planned at the beginning  and I think  that makes the things  much more interesting.

What is one business idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers?


What do you read every day, and why?

Yesterday I was talking with my boyfriend about it, when I was teenager I used to read at least three  books a week, but when I moved to Madrid I quit reading that much. Maybe it is something about the city because when I go on holiday I eat novels. Now, something that really captures my attention is reading about traditional chinese medicine, specially the taoist point of view. I love my job and this is the way that I can really think about other and apparently totally different things.

What is the one book that you recommend our community should read, and why?

“The Picture of Dorian Grey” Oh my! I can´t even explain it even in spanish, I just think everybody should read it.

What is your favorite gadget, app or piece of software that helps you every day?

An old school one: Excel.

Three people we should follow on Twitter, and why?

no Twitter, sorry…

Who would you love to see interviewed on IdeaMensch?

  • Elsa Schiaparelli (designer)
  • Lucio Urtubia (anarchist)
  • Ian Mackaye (musician)
  • Louise Bourgeois (sculptress)

When is the last time you laughed out loud? What caused it.

Yesterday, at my sister´s place, celebrating her birthday. We had a lot of fun.

Other professions you’d like to be?

  • Astrophysic
  • enóloga (I can´t find the translation, the person who tastes wines)
  • dancer

What have you been in your past lives?

  • Squirrel
  • Taoist (man)
  • Afroamercian (woman)