AppSumo – Ian Lurie Online Marketing eBook Bundle Giveaway


We love AppSumo. We love Ian Lurie. We generally speaking love Thursdays. And we love learning about common sense online marketing strategies that work. That is why today is pretty much our favorite day ever.

The folks over at AppSumo are selling a bundle of great Ian Lurie ebooks (normally like $51) for about exactly half of that – $25. Here is what’s included.

Conversation Marketing Ebook

Conversation Marketing introduces you to internet marketing strategy – not just web site design or search marketing, but how you tie it all together into a real money-making engine for your business.

Internet marketing intimidate you? Relax. You’re not alone. I’ve seen CEOs and marketing chiefs of Fortune 1000 companies reduced to damp rags by talk of search engines, return on investment, site design and the rest of the mish-mash that forms the online marketing world.

Conversation Marketing, the book, takes all the geekspeak and three letter acronyms and turns them into a common-sense internet marketing strategy.

SEO Copywriting E-Book

Some stuff you’ll learn in the book:

  • Plain language and understandable explanations about why and how search engines review your writing
  • The six rules for successful SEO copywriting
  • Guidelines for writing headlines that will attract both search engines and readers
  • Rules for writing good link text
  • How to create highly relevant ‘clusters’ of content on your site

Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics

In this e-book and learn how to:

  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Define business goals
  • Set up tracking for those goals in Google Analytics
  • Calculate the $ value of one visitor to your web site (even if you’re not running an online store
  • Track value and growth generated by specific web sites and search terms
  • Grow value based on real data

PPC for small business Ebooks

Here’s the tables of contents for the two books:

Book 1

  • What is PPC and how does it work?
  • What should my budget be?
  • Which product and service to try first
  • Ready to Start an Account
  • Which keywords to use
  • How to determine what terms people are searching
  • Match types
  • What match types to apply
  • Figure out how much to bid
  • Negative Keywords
  • What to write in ads
  • Ready to Start Bidding and Buying
  • Where to start
  • Important account settings
  • How to determine if PPC is working
  • Where to send visitors
  • Do you need a PPC specific landing page?
  • Now What?

Book 2

  • Troubleshooting
  • Have you already started or tried PPC but think it’s eating all your money?
  • Important account settings
  • Getting more out of your budget
  • Expanding Your Account
  • Advertising on the Content (Display) Network
  • Adwords Tools and Features
  • Sitelinks
  • Product extension ads
  • Conversion optimizer
  • Enhanced CPC

Holy Guacamole. That is a lot of knowledge for only $25.

Here comes the AppSumo kicker

Thanks to AppSumo, we’re able to giveaway ten copies of this bundle to our lucky readers. As you enter our giveaway below to win a copy of the bundle, take the chance to check out the 50% off deal.

The Giveaway

We have 10 copies of the bundle to give away. And all you need to do to try and get a free bundle, is tweet this:

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