Charles Cantu – Founder of Huddled Masses

[quote style="boxed"]Always take time to reflect on the day or what’s to come. Some call it meditating or praying. However you label it, it’s during these quiet times that you can really meld vision and purpose.[/quote] Charles Cantu started with … [Read more]

Shaun Moore – Co-founder and CEO of Chui

[quote style="boxed"]I’d rather fall asleep every night after trying all day and failing, then lay awake thinking about the dreams I never took a chance to fail at.[/quote] Shaun Moore is cofounder and CEO of Chui. The key to your life, Chui is the … [Read more]

Brent Grinna – Founder and CEO of EverTrue

[quote style="boxed"]I have lunch or coffee with every member of our team on a regular basis. There is no agenda other than to get their perspectives on how things are going personally and professionally. I love having that dialogue with all members … [Read more]