Michael Scharf – CEO of MyClean

 Execute!  We have a saying in our office: "less meetings, more doing." Michael Scharf,  MyClean's CEO, started the company in 2009 when he realized the need for a convenient online service to book home cleaning for him and his friends.  Prior to … [Read more]

Lydia Fayal – Co-Founder of AdmitSee

The lesson is: keep agreements simple and don’t give equity away to people who aren’t full-time. Lydia Fayal is the Co-Founder of AdmitSee.com, a peer-to-peer college admissions resource. Lydia founded the site with Stephanie Shyu in 2012 with the … [Read more]

John Ruhlin – Founder and CEO of Ruhlin Group

To get things done as a small company, we need people to take our calls, take us seriously, and take risks on us. John Ruhlin is the founder and CEO of Ruhlin Group, a firm that specializes in high-level gifting plans to build relationships and … [Read more]