Mac Gambill – Co-founder and CEO of Nudge

[quote style="boxed"]Being able to convey your ideas to others is crucial and one of the areas where new founders typically struggle. I generally piece together my ideas in simple concept decks with Keynote, which allows me to incorporate basic … [Read more]

Ashley Crowder – Co-founder of VNTANA

[quote style="boxed"] You just have to start testing and building. If it’s a big idea and you get too bogged down in the detail of planning it will be overwhelming and you will never get it done.[/quote] Ashley graduated from the University of … [Read more]

Hoyt D. Morgan – CEO and Co-Founder of Nito

[quote style="boxed"]I tell every rising entrepreneur the key to success is to focus on the customer, and focus on your core value proposition.[/quote] Hoyt David Morgan, Co-Founder & President of Nito: A successful entrepreneur and business … [Read more]