Brendon Schenecker – CEO of Travel Vegas

[quote style="boxed"]Find a competitor and do it better. Everyone is looking for the next big idea, which is great. I think many people lose focus. I always hear “That’s been done before.” Make it better. Take something you’re good at or passionate … [Read more]

Amy Clover – Creator of 30×30 Project

[quote style="boxed"]I don’t wait for permission to bring my ideas to life. I ask myself what actions need to be taken, and then I do them.[/quote] Amy Clover hasn’t always been a bubbly fitness trainer interested in changing lives. In high school, … [Read more]

Tommy Saunders – Founder of Rock 360

[quote style="boxed"]I do not fail. I might not reach a goal but I do not fail. Failing, is giving up and I will never give up.[/quote] Tommy Saunders, founder of Rock 360 and professional athlete, is focused and driven on fitness and goal setting. … [Read more]

Alex Glassey – Creator of StratPad

[quote style="boxed"]What I try to do, very regularly, is to get an image in my head of who my customer is and what they need and how I can serve that need better than anybody else.[/quote] Alex Glassey is the creator of StratPad, an iPad app that … [Read more]

Peter Baumgartner – Founder of Lincoln Loop

[quote style="boxed"]Action! It’s easy to talk about your great ideas, but they’re nothing until you take action to make them a reality. If an idea feels overwhelming, I find one small task I can start on immediately. If I can’t figure out how to … [Read more]

Brett Farmiloe – Founder of Markitors

[quote style="boxed"]We treat our days like a DJ approaching a set would. Prepare the content that we think will play well that day. Check up on anything we missed while we were asleep. Do a sound check of what is happening in the world that day by … [Read more]

Paul Roetzer – Founder and CEO of PR 20/20

[quote style="boxed"]Once something has progressed far enough in my mind to become a priority, I isolate myself with a laptop, white board, caffeinated beverage and an iTunes playlist, and I eliminate all other distractions. I’ve learned over time … [Read more]