Free Webinar – 14 Ways to Thrive in a Day

One of the things I hear over and over from our community is that you'd like to see some more instructional content in addition to our daily interviews. That got me thinking. At first it seemed like a good idea for me to write more ongoing original … [Read more]

Clay Bethune – Co-founder of 9thandElm

Most ideas sound good in theory — until you mention them to others. So I like to bring my team together a couple of times each week to throw out new ideas. Almost instantly, you know if you have a winner or a loser. Clay Bethune is a successful … [Read more]

Andrew Cohen – Founder and CEO of Brainscape

[quote style="boxed"]Every single time you meet someone and get their business card, write them a follow-up email that same night. It doesn’t matter if you barely have a useful reason to connect with them. If you liked them, and you spoke for more … [Read more]

Zvi Band – Founder and CEO of Contactually

[quote style="boxed"]Focus on revenue. This runs contrary to the traditional Silicon Valley mindset of “build something cool with a large audience, and the money will come later.”[/quote] Zvi Band is the founder and CEO of Contactually, a … [Read more]