George Lewis – Co-founder of ZetrOZ

[quote style="boxed"]We are constantly generating innovative tactics and design changes. We’ll throw an idea on the board; the next thing you know, we’ve drafted prototypes. An engineer then builds it; the next day, it’s being tested. We have an … [Read more]

Ang Pheng Huat – Co-founder of Boxyroom

[quote style="boxed"]Ideas come to be at the most unexpected time in the wildest places. When an idea hits me, I will whip out my smartphone and take a short note of the idea so I won’t forget.[/quote] Ang Pheng Huat is the co-founder of Boxyroom, … [Read more]

Tamara Kleinberg – Founder of The Shuuk

[quote style="boxed"]There is no typical in my day. That’s why I love it. Routine bores me. Sometimes I having coffee with a new inventor, other times I’m doing a keynote speech about innovation. I do a lot of writing, a lot of thinking and … [Read more]

Mark Schottland – Owner of Dogtopia

[quote style="boxed"]I would seriously consider purchasing whatever building your brick and mortar store is going into. I didn’t and I wish I had.[/quote] Mark Schottland spent 11 years in the financial services sector with Russell Investments out … [Read more]

Matt Clark – Founder of Matt Clark

[quote style="boxed"]I’m a big believer in not trying to reinvent the wheel. A lot of people in business, especially just-starting entrepreneurs, think you have to do something that’s “never been done” to be successful. With seven billion people on … [Read more]

Justin Rundle – Co-Founder of Workout Anywhere

[quote style="boxed"]If I were to start again, I would have hired someone to develop our site. At this point it’s running optimally and turned out exactly how we imagined, but a true expert could have had our site up and running in a fraction of the … [Read more]