Derek Ting – Co-Founder and CEO of Enflick

Derek Ting is the Co-Founder and CEO of Enflick , a technology startup and developer of real-time social connectivity solutions that change the way that people connect and interact with each other through mobile devices. Enflick was founded in the … [Read more]

Keith Harper – Co-founder of Well Crafted

  [quote style="boxed"]If you're not asking for feedback on your ideas, you should start today. When I see ideas that don't make sense to me, 9 times out of 10 it is because the person has closed themselves off to feedback.[/quote] Keith … [Read more]

Nasir Shakouri – CEO of Encore Payments

[quote style="boxed"]Do not ask someone to do something that you have not done yourself. If you are not willing to invest “your own” time and effort, you should not ask someone else to do so either.[/quote] Nasir Shakouri is the Founder and Chief … [Read more]

Jeriël Bobbe – Founder of Bloondesign

[quote style="boxed"]When you live an idea, you will succeed, that I’m sure of.[/quote] When you’re a kid, you are always dreaming of becoming a firefighter or policeman. Jeriël used to dream of being a dreamer, and that is what he’s now become. “I … [Read more]

Neil Thanedar – CEO and Founder of LabDoor

[quote style="boxed"]Invest early in structure and systems. It seems really odd to hear these words come out of an entrepreneur’s mouth. Everyone always told me “build fast, organize later.” But you’ll find over the short- and long-term that small … [Read more]

Nir Erez – CEO and Co-founder of Moovit

[quote style="boxed"]As a serial entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time playing devil’s advocate. I try to kill an idea before I start any active process of bringing it to life. In my experience, most of the good ideas usually exist already in some … [Read more]

Laurie Gray – Founder of Socratic Parenting

[quote style="boxed"]The most significant change is to come from a place of love rather than fear, and to look for my answers within myself rather than hoping someone else can tell me what to do, what to think or how to live.[/quote] Laurie Gray is … [Read more]

Brendon Schenecker – CEO of Travel Vegas

[quote style="boxed"]Find a competitor and do it better. Everyone is looking for the next big idea, which is great. I think many people lose focus. I always hear “That’s been done before.” Make it better. Take something you’re good at or passionate … [Read more]