Jason Halstead – Founder of Gist Brands

[quote style="boxed"]In fact, in my job it’s hugely more important to ask the right questions rather than have all the right answers. I’m an innately curious person. I’ve always asked, “Why?” I think every entrepreneur should back up the bus and look … [Read more]

Patrick Speijers – Founder of ROBIN

[quote style="boxed"]Focus as fast as you can on the outside. Talk with (beta) customers, let them work with the (beta) product and stay closely in touch. That’s how you can fail fast and learn fast.[/quote] Being in the customer service industry … [Read more]

Jordan Passman – Founder of scoreAscore.com

[quote style="boxed"]Making new friends and keeping the old. Don’t just work with people, work with people you can call friends, it’s way more fun and rewarding for everybody.[/quote] Jordan Passman, one of FORBES’ 2014 30 under 30 Music … [Read more]

Susan Taing – Founder and CEO of bhold

[quote style="boxed"]Prioritize. Over and over again.[/quote] Susan Taing is the founder and CEO of bhold, a design house using new technology to create lifestyle accessories that make your life easier. She's a designer and maker based in New York … [Read more]

David Hassell – Founder and CEO of 15Five.com

[quote style="boxed"]Sleep. Exercise. Meditate. I admit that I don’t always do them regularly, but when I keep up with these my ability to do what needs to be done is like night and day. When I get enough sleep, take care of my body, and center my … [Read more]

Hagan Major – Co-founder of YellowHammer

[quote style="boxed"]Move desks around in the office. It annoys everyone to no end, but it’s a very easy way to have different groups and people work together, and it makes the operations of YellowHammer run more smoothly.[/quote] Hagan Major is … [Read more]