Barbara Gollackner

Barbara Gollackner

After spending much of her childhood in her family’s cabinetmaking shop, being trained in the fields of textiles, products, and furniture design, and working in partnerships for a decade, Barbara Gollackner has had her own studio in Salzburg since 2018. Her concepts demonstrate how design must dare to look beneath…

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Markus Holzer

Marcus Holzer Tech Entrepreneurs

Markus Holzer is an energetic CEO whose dedication to transparency and individual fulfillment makes him well-respected by the entire contextflow family. Born and raised in Vienna, he is passionate about the well-being of his city and its diverse population. Markus completed Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from the…

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Christian Knapp – Co-founder of URBANAUTS

Christian Knapp - Co-founder of URBANAUTS

Kohlmayer Lutter Knapp Office for Systemic Design is a design agency based in Vienna, Austria. Following a post-structuralistic point of view, their credo is the creation of systems, not buildings. Each of their approaches into the fields of urbanism, architecture, and design consider a wide range of aesthetic, social, economic,…

Meet Christian Knapp – Co-founder of URBANAUTS