Markus Holzer

Marcus Holzer Tech Entrepreneurs

Markus Holzer is an energetic CEO whose dedication to transparency and individual fulfillment makes him well-respected by the entire contextflow family. Born and raised in Vienna, he is passionate about the well-being of his city and its diverse population. Markus completed Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from the…

Meet Markus Holzer

Christian Knapp – Co-founder of URBANAUTS

Christian Knapp - Co-founder of URBANAUTS

Kohlmayer Lutter Knapp Office for Systemic Design is a design agency based in Vienna, Austria. Following a post-structuralistic point of view, their credo is the creation of systems, not buildings. Each of their approaches into the fields of urbanism, architecture, and design consider a wide range of aesthetic, social, economic,…

Meet Christian Knapp – Co-founder of URBANAUTS