Nathan Segal – Editor and Freelance Writer

Nathan Segal - Editor and Freelance Writer

Find a mentor, someone who really knows what they are doing and learn from him or her. Nathan Segal has been working as a Freelance Writer for 16 years. In that time, he has written 700+ articles and published 6 books. His articles been published in many popular magazines, including: CE Tips (Consumer Electronics), Computer […]

Martin Ertl – Founder and CEO of Contractually

[quote style=”boxed”]Build a product that’s easy to use and easy to get started with. Provide a user experience that’s practical and comprehensible for consumers as Internet products. This sort of user experience (UX) is generally not provided by business software. When customers have it, they’re delighted.[/quote] Martin Ertl is the Founder and CEO of Contractually, […]

Lillian Brummet – Author and Host of the Conscious Discussions

[quote style=”boxed”]Being organized with all the information and materials ready – never making anyone work for anything.[/quote] Award winning author of 5 published books Lillian Brummet produces and hosts the Conscious Discussions talk radio show, and manages the Brummet’s Conscious Blog in partnership with her husband and business partner – Dave Brummet. In those few […]

Denise Jaden – Author of Fast Fiction

[quote style=”boxed”]Writing every day, whether I feel like it or not.[/quote] Denise Jaden’s novels have been shortlisted or received awards through the Romance Writers of America, Inspy, and SCBWI. The first draft of her debut novel, Losing Faith (Simon & Schuster), was written in 21 days during NaNoWriMo 2007. Her second published novel (written first), […]

John Eitel – Author, Speaker and Intuitive Healer

[quote style=”boxed”]I learned some time ago that the only way to fully understand something you must know the WHY of it. When you know WHY something happened or WHY someone did or said something – you know everything.[/quote] John Eitel is an internationally known Author, Speaker, Intuitive Healer and Breakthrough Specialist using his evolutionary approach […]

Stephan Wiedner – Founder and “Head Coach” of

[quote style=”boxed”]”…work hard, and opportunities will arise.”[/quote] Stephan Wiedner is a certified life coach and also the founder and “Head Coach” of, a professional coach directory that connects you with your ideal coach based on your personal goals and background. Noomii has thousands of life coaches, business coaches, career coaches, and executive coaches in hundreds of […]

Elizabeth Boylan – Co-Founder of VectorBloom Technologies

[quote style=”boxed”]Begin with the end in mind. Know what you want and make sure everything you do in the next year builds towards that bigger, long-term plan.[/quote] Elizabeth Boylan is a Montreal artist and the creative director behind Big Top Ballet–an alternative indie game available for iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome and, soon, Facebook Games. Her […]

Geordie Aitken – Ninja Trainer at Aitken Leadership Group

[quote style=”boxed”]Not doing things because of fear is always a mistake. Those may be the only mistakes. I’ve made a number of them.[/quote] Geordie builds leaders and trains ninja. It’s often the same thing. His purpose is helping the next generation of world leaders achieve personal mastery, and to have a sweet time doing it. […]