Julia Duran

Develop a strong sense of what you think and want from life, and learn how to qualify criticism based on how accurate or useful is. Ignore the rest.   For over a decade, Julia has been the architect mastermind behind hundreds of teams responsible for developing sophisticated software projects. Armed…

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Collin Slattery

Living in another culture, learning a new language, being immersed in something completely new and foreign. It’s thrilling and rewarding and it opens up entirely new perspectives on life and business.   Collin Slattery is a life-long entrepreneur, digital nomad, classically trained musician, and founder of Taikun. Taikun is a…

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Maximo Cavazzani – Founder and CEO of Etermax

Success is created right at that point between ability and necessity. Both the ability to create and an eye for necessity are trained by doing. Maximo Cavazzani (29), creator of Trivia Crack and CEO of Etermax, has a degree in Software Engineering from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA)….

Meet Maximo Cavazzani – Founder and CEO of Etermax

Raul Verano and Ariel Di Stefano – Co-Founders of Agile Route

[quote style=”boxed”]I think that looking for happiness as a goal is an utopia. You need it as a perfect state that you aspire to, but it is almost impossible to reach. IMHO, happiness are small, beautiful moments that you live. As the movie says, “happiness is only real when shared.”[/quote]…

Meet Raul Verano and Ariel Di Stefano – Co-Founders of Agile Route

Gonzo Arzuaga – Startups.com Founder

[quote style=”boxed”]Determination defeats talent.[/quote] Gonzo Arzuaga is a serial internet entrepreneur. It started in 1996 when he created a search engine in Latin America, that in 1999 was acquired by Terra/Lycos. He then created an internet incubator that failed miserably, going down with the internet bust of 2000. In 2007 founded…

Meet Gonzo Arzuaga – Startups.com Founder