Michael Molfetta

Michael Molfetta

Michael Molfetta is a renowned litigation attorney and the founder of Molfetta Law. With 30 years of litigation experience, Molfetta has argued cases in both State and Federal courts and represented high-profile clients in nearly 300 jury trials. Molfetta Law specializes in consumer protection, timeshare exits, white-collar crimes, narcotics and…

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Brandon Taubman

Michael Molfetta

Brandon Taubman is an investor with 15 years’ professional experience across various sectors including investment banking, derivative valuation, professional sports, and most recently commercial real estate. He started his career at Ernst & Young in 2007 where he valuated exotic equity and credit derivatives and consulted for AIG FP, Lehman…

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Pedram Salimpour

Michael Molfetta

Pedram Salimpour is an Iranian American physician, entrepreneur, and author. He graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine and also received a master’s in public health from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. He worked first at the Salimpour Pediatric Medical Group, a pediatric center operated by his…

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James Novello

Michael Molfetta

James Novello started his career as a firefighter for a small town department while going to college and became an SFFD paramedic firefighter after he graduated. James served for many years, responded to more than 25,000 emergency incidents, and acquired a plethora of specialized certifications and advanced training. It was…

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Michelle Roshanzamir

Michael Molfetta

Michelle Roshanzamir a consultant, grant writer, and producer helping creatives, executive/artistic/managing directors, and leaders bring their ideas to life and develop their businesses. She works with a range of creatives and leaders to bridge the gap between the creative and idea side and business, coordination, and management side of the…

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Aubri Steele

Michael Molfetta

Aubri Steele is the Founder, CEO and “il Capo” at Civile. As CEO and Founder, Steele wears many hats, managing day-to-day operations, brand strategy and sales as well as overseeing product design, development and retailing. During the COVID-19 pandemic when the world was experiencing unparcelled loss, division and isolation, Steele…

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Bob Ore

Michael Molfetta

Bob Oré is a multifaceted entrepreneur with operations in the worlds of fashion, literature, art, and entertainment. Specializing in marketing and project development, Oré serves as CEO and President of New Identity LLC, co-founder of Tensale LLC, and CEO of Boa Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Bob Oré began his…

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