Edward Likovich – Founder and CEO of SunSprite

[quote style=”boxed”]Ideas are brought to life by people, and finding the right people is the key. Ideas are plentiful; finding the right team to execute them is the biggest challenge.[/quote] Edward Likovich is passionate about cutting-edge innovation and using technology to improve daily life. He was born and raised in Hermitage, PA, a town in […]

Veer Gidwaney – Co-founder and CEO of Maxwell Health

[quote style=”boxed”]I focus on turning as many things into habits as possible to optimize the kind of time and attention that needs to go into the really important stuff.[/quote] Veer Gidwaney is the CEO and co-founder of Maxwell Health. Maxwell Health provides a SaaS platform through health insurance brokers that drastically reduces the headaches associated […]

Prasad Thammineni – CEO and Co-founder of OfficeDrop

[quote style=”boxed”]It’s very important to make the right hires, but equally important is to fire the bad ones. In a startup, time is your biggest enemy. So, if somebody (or something) is not workout out, you need to make a bold decision to end that relationship quickly.[/quote] Prasad Thammineni is the CEO and co-founder of […]

Brian Cardarella – Founder and President of DockYard

[quote style=”boxed”]Answer email as soon as you can. There is nothing ruder than letting an email linger and not getting back to people.[/quote] Brian Cardarella is the founder and President of DockYard, a leading Ruby on Rails software consultancy based in Boston. Brian has been developing software since he was in high school. He started […]