Ted Lee

Ted Lee is a mixed media artist working in the Charlotte area. Specializing in abstract work, his pieces are quite unique. He makes them with anything and everything—oil, acrylic, pastels, colored pencils, even odd materials like shoe polish, marble dust, lipstick, and whatever else he can commit to canvas or…

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Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell Tech Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur at heart, Tim Campbell brings over 20 years of experience, strategic expertise and brand stewardship as Founder and CEO of GiftCast. Campbell understands traditional and digital channels and knows how to apply them effectively to create bold brand ideas that achieve and surpass goals. He has worked with…

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Peter Nyberg

The happier the staff is, the more passionate and productive they will be in their work.   Peter Nyberg, Chief Financial Officer at the Camino Community Center, is instrumental in the expansion and restructuring of the Camino Community Center, which positively impacts the lives of thousands of low-income, underserved individuals,…

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Ken Brokaw

Learn how to self-educate and effectively research…The more you educate yourself, the better you can stay ahead of the competition.   Ken Brokaw is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for starting and growing companies, all while developing long-lasting partnerships. Over the last 11 years, he’s conquered the markets of…

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Tanaya Walters

If you maintain organization in everything you do in life, family and work, then it makes for ease in being able to help others.   Tanaya Walters, Ed.D is the CEO of TW Enterprise Group, LLC and an emotional intelligence specialist. Her business focuses on helping both individuals and organizations…

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Mark Dukas

Have faith in your ideas and don’t be afraid to go into business for yourself.   Mark Dukas is a financial consultant at BitcoinSmartMoney.com and a full-time cryptocurrency trader. He is an expert in teaching people and businesses to take advantage of Bitcoin and other crypto assets. His interest in…

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Rencel Jones

Execute. Execute. Execute. There are tons of great ideas and strategies constantly being discussed. The people that are executing are the ones having success.   Rencel Jones was born and raised in Winston-Salem NC. At an early age, he developed an affinity for public speaking and a love for music….

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Steven Andiloro – Founder of Professional Security Solutions

Take a step back, look at the bigger picture and ask yourself some questions. Steven Andiloro is an accomplished businessman in the security industry. His company, Professional Security Solutions, LLC is a highly-respected and well-established business in the North Carolina area. With his hard work, leadership and adept skill in…

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Betsy Hauser Idilbi – CEO and Cofounder at Tech Talent South

I think one of the most important habits I’ve formed is to focus on one thing at a time..and keep as few tabs open on my laptop as possible. Before starting Tech Talent South, Betsy ran physical product development company, Little Idea. Following a successful merger between Little Idea and…

Meet Betsy Hauser Idilbi – CEO and Cofounder at Tech Talent South

David Hickson- Co-founder and CEO of fullcube

The key is to build models that support your idea and then operationalize all of the key components. David Hickson is co-founder and CEO of fullcube, a platform integrating and automating subscription-based businesses. He brings more than 25 years of affinity and enthusiast marketing experience to fullcube.  Hickson’s clients have included…

Meet David Hickson- Co-founder and CEO of fullcube