Ruthy Lichtenstein

Ruthy Lichtenstein

Ruthy Lichtenstein is a super motivated entrepreneur, designing and crafting technical solutions to everyday problems. Currently, she’s tackling the phone repair industry with As a person with high service expectations, she believes it’s time to bring phone & tablet repair experiences to a 2021 standard, using modern design and…

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Matthew Leebow

Matthew Leebow

When we are open to innovation, we shift our focus to new methods in order to achieve our goals more efficiently.   Matthew Leebow is the founder and CEO of Affirmed Equities, a vertically integrated private equity holding company that focuses on steel, real estate development and technology, based in…

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Todd Leebow

Todd Leebow

Organization is key. Your mind is like a closet — if it’s not organized, it can’t hold as much. Organizational skills are so important to being able to store more and do more.   Todd Leebow is an American businessman, philanthropist, and investor. He is the current president and CEO…

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Zachary Burell

Zachary Burell

Make your bed every morning. It gives you a humble start to your day.   Zachary Burell holds his Master’s degree in Physics and is currently a Graduate Student in Physics Entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve University. He also works as an Engineering Physics Intern at Zin Technologies. When he…

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Stefanie Rosenfield

When you own a business, there is a lot of conflict so waiting a half day or getting another opinion before pressing “send” on an email or saying something you’ll later regret is something I recommend.” Where did the idea for Cleveland Marketing King come from? When it comes to…

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Norman Willis

Norman Willis

Find people who push you and motivate you.” Norman Willis. Teenage author. App developer and speaker. He has been on a mission to change the world since he was very young, writing his first book in his teens and becoming a speaker in college. He is currently working on various…

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Brandt Evans – Chef and Founder of BKM Hospitality

Brandt Evans - Chef and Founder of BKM Hospitality

[quote style=”boxed”]Inspect, don’t expect, the small things.[/quote] Chef Brandt Evans is one of Ohio’s top chefs. He has received numerous accolades since 2002 following the opening of his first restaurant, Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern in Twinsburg, Ohio. His love for the culinary arts began at age 16, as he…

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Paul Roetzer – Founder and CEO of PR 20/20

Paul Roetzer - Founder and CEO of PR 20/20

[quote style=”boxed”]Once something has progressed far enough in my mind to become a priority, I isolate myself with a laptop, white board, caffeinated beverage and an iTunes playlist, and I eliminate all other distractions. I’ve learned over time that creative breakthroughs often require a quiet mind.[/quote] Paul Roetzer is founder…

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Tim Conti – Co-Founder of ON Search Partners

Tim Conti - Co-Founder of ON Search Partners

[quote style=”boxed”]As a service business, our brilliant ideas tend to be about how we execute. Seems to me, whether it is culture or ethics or process, intangibles spread best by example.[/quote] In 2006, Tim Conti co-founded ON Search Partners, a quickly rising star in the retained executive search industry bringing…

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