David Reiss

There are no limitations to what one can achieve. Just ask David Reiss, a Renaissance man who has built a career as a dynamic entrepreneur, marketing consultant, business owner, writer, and teacher. His resume comprises no less than 100 industries, spanning from entertainment and non-fiction writing to corporate leadership and…

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Billy Bob Barnett

Billy Bob Barnett was born in 1946 in Lampass, Texas. His father was a horseman, cattleman, and ranch farmer. While he was in high school, his family moved to Brenham and worked on a ranch belonging to the family of Hub Baker, who would go on to become Barnett’s lifelong…

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Karen Davison

Karen V Davison is a professional chef and culinary blogger from Dallas, Texas. She is a Texas woman through and through, having been born in Dallas, attended culinary school in Fort Worth, and now living back in Dallas. Karen V Davison’s interest in the culinary arts began at a young…

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Steven Dietz

Southwest Recovery Services is a professional collections agency service. They work with all kinds of business to help them collect the money they are owed for their customers. No business should have to provide a provide a service without being paid. Southwest has several locations in Texas, including Dallas, Houston,…

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Dustin Marx

Dustin Marx Tech Entrepreneurs

Dustin Marx is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, human capital thought leader and expert at building and developing high-performing teams. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of IFM Restoration, a technology-driven marketplace serving the Single-Family Rental and Multifamily sectors. With a first-to-market business model and progressive workplace culture, IFM is disrupting the…

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Radu Reit

Dr. Radu Reit is the founder and Chief Technology Officer at Ares Materials, where his work is focused on expanding the use of UV-curable polysulfide chemistries into the electronic display manufacturing space, with a specific focus on enabling new products for dynamic form-factor displays in flexible or foldable applications. Dr….

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Chris Jackman

Do not let the negativity of others to bring down your goals and hopes for the future.   Chris Jackman is a 37-year-old man who grew up in Dallas, Texas. He grew up in Dallas, Texas before attending Texas A&M for his undergraduate degree and Creighton University for law school….

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Stephen Gist

Through discipline and determination, you will persevere.   Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Stephen Gist felt a powerful calling to go into medicine even at a young age. He received his BA from Southern Methodist University, where he majored in chemistry. He then went to Baylor Dental School….

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Krystal Hurst

Ask for help. Never assume you’re in this alone. Whether you turn to other professionals in your business, your family, or even your own team members, seek help to relieve your workload and mental load.   Krystal Hurst is the owner of Dallas’s top parenting resource in the Metroplex that…

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Carly Brasseux

Carly Brasseux is a determined and passionate sales and marketing consultant, published author, hunting influencer and business owner based in Dallas, Texas. She holds a broad knowledge of general daily business, communications, marketing, social media, sales and relationship management. She’s been successful in establishing an exceptional rapport with individuals on…

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Duncan MacDonald

Enjoy the moment as much as the goal. The journey is as much fun as the destination.   Mr. Duncan John MacDonald has proven that the pursuit of your dream is worth every effort. Raised by parents who encouraged his dreams, Duncan MacDonald fell in love with flying from a…

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