Maryam Ershadi – President of Rozgé

[quote style=”boxed”]I would delegate more and manage instead of doing everything myself.[/quote]   Maryam Ershadi is an accidental business owner. After Maryam’s father had a heart attack, her plan to go to medical school was set aside. In between caring for her father and studying for medical school, Mary decided to start a small business […]

Jonathon Ohayon – COO of

[quote style=”boxed”]Report, Review, React. Report, Review, React – It is crucial for businesses to look at the data. Too often do people act off what they think and not what actually is. By reporting, reviewing, and reacting, often and every step of the way, you ensure that you make informed decisions based off data. [/quote] […]

Melissa Steach – Design & BDM of CORT Interiors

[quote style=”boxed”]Art cannot exist in your head, only ideas, and ideas are of no use if not enacted. You have to be willing to make ugly if you’re ever going to make good.[/quote] Melissa is a Designer, Author and I-O Psychologist. As an overall “Business Creative”, she combines her formal education with life experience for […]

Elaine Truong – CEO of ReVolt

[quote style=”boxed”]There’s no argument that founding a venture is unbelievably difficult and an experience where you’ll endure a rollercoaster of emotions, but at the end of the day, the most important thing to realize is that one should never give up.[/quote] Elaine Truong is a social entrepreneur and engineering student at UCLA passionate about using […]

Joan Moran – Health and Wellness Expert

[quote style=”boxed”]”The fountain of youth is inside all of us. It’s in equal parts genes, attitude and work.” – Joan Frances Moran[/quote] Joan Moran is a miraculous 70 year old who has made looking, feeling and thinking young her life’s work. An author, speaker and expert on achieving life balance; Joan inspires audiences to lead […]

Tianxiang Zhuo – Managing Partner at Karlin Ventures

[quote style=”boxed”]Be nice to people. You’ll be surprised how often entrepreneurs pick investors or investors pick other co-investors based on how much they like working with them. This simple strategy alone has done wonders for our deal flow over the past two years.[/quote] Tianxiang (TX) Zhuo was born into a family of entrepreneurs in Singapore […]