Lee Gale Gruen – Actress, Speaker, and Author of: Adventures with Dad

[quote style=”boxed”]I’m always promoting whenever I have the chance. I carry business cards in my wallet and copies of my memoir in my car. I ask people for suggestions on where I might speak or promote.[/quote] Lee Gale Gruen (“Lee Gale” is her first name) has lived in Los Angeles, California since childhood. She has […]

Carney Shegerian – Owner of Shegerian & Associates

[quote style=”boxed”]I practice what I preach and surround myself with an outstanding supporting team.[/quote] Since launching Shegerian & Associates over a decade ago, Carney Shegerian has developed a reputation as “The People’s Attorney” ‐ fighting passionately for the rights of his employee clients, and compassionately explaining the process as each client navigates through his or […]

David Zheng – Co-founder and CEO of Klout Fire

[quote style=”boxed”]Short-term sacrifices for reaching long-term goals always trump short-term gains at the expense of your long-term goals. And most choices boil down, in some way, to these two options.[/quote] David Zheng is the co-founder and CEO of Klout Fire, a digital marketing agency that helps brands drive revenue by acquiring customers and establishing brand […]

Elizabeth Venturini – Founder of CollegeCareerResults

[quote style=”boxed”]Know yourself: Take an “interests assessment” or evaluation to receive clarity on your interests at this time of your life, and how you can apply them to a new career. Before you venture into a new career, put on your “marketing cap” and do the research to see if there is a need.[/quote] Stressed […]

Michael Nicklin – Founder and President of The Nicklin Group

[quote style=”boxed”]There are countless small decisions I would make differently – as the expression goes, “hindsight is 20-20.” But my ‘big picture’ view is that I would change nothing, because the journey has far exceeded my expectation.[/quote] Michael Nicklin, is a Los Angeles-based business strategy consultant and independent media and theatrical producer. A self-proclaimed “serial […]

Michele Velazquez – Founder of The Heart Bandits

[quote style=”boxed”]I learned that if you don’t like where you are, hustle and find something better. I have done that my whole life.[/quote] On April 24, 2010 Michele and Marvin went on a romantic sunset dinner cruise around Marina Del Rey harbor. After a wonderful dinner and dessert, Marvin asked Michele to go to the […]