Dre Baldwin

Success occurs from the inside-out: your inner Mental Game determines your actions, and those actions determine your results. Master your Mental Game and the actions will take care of themselves.   In just 5 years, Dre Baldwin went from his high school team’s bench to the first contract of a…

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Suzanne Garber

Suzanne Garber Tech Entrepreneurs

Co-founder of Gauze, the world’s most comprehensive database of international hospitals that connects and informs the 1.4 billion international travelers annually, Suzanne Garber also directed and produced “GAUZE: Unraveling Global Healthcare” an award-winning, PBS documentary that highlights her journey to 24 countries, 174 hospitals and interviews with 65 healthcare experts….

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Lauren Fairbanks

    Lauren is the CEO of S&G, an award-winning content marketing agency that helps brands connect and engage more effectively with their audience. Where did the idea for S&G come from? I used to work in publishing and before content marketing was as popular as it is now, I…

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Jessica Higgins

If you truly follow your passion and put the work in, success will be hard to avoid.   Jessica Higgins is a highly credentialed and experienced business growth professional and serial entrepreneur. She gets involved in unique opportunities at the crossroads of finance, technology, and marketing to create and execute…

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Benjamin Jarmon

I’ve recovered from all failures by planting enough seeds so that some would grow and make me forget that 90 percent of them did not.   Benjamin Jarmon is the founder and CEO of Joorney, a leading business plan consultancy and Inc. 5000 fastest growing company. He worked in the…

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Gerhard Herrera-Pahl

It is not about not failing; it is about learning how to bounce back after a challenge.   Gerhard Herrera Pahl is the Owner and Founder of HerPah, LLC. As a financial strategist and advisor, he has managed financial portfolios for several organizations and individuals during his career. He is…

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Eric Dalius

Three words: take action now! Talk to people, bounce the ideas off of people.   Eric Dalius is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. His boldness in business and enthusiasm towards life has paved his way to success with each business that he created. It has also provided a wonderful life for…

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Dr. Ryan Shelton

You have to know when to work and when to delegate. No one can be the best at everything.   Dr. Ryan Shelton is a Board and N.A.B.N.E. Certified Doctor that has sought to revolutionize the skincare industry through his innovative take on anti-aging products. Dr. Shelton was educated in…

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Samuel Strauch – Principal at Metrik Real Estate

Life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth. Samuel Strauch completed his undergraduate degree in business at Hofstra University in New York. He also completed studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University. Strauch started his career in banking but…

Meet Samuel Strauch – Principal at Metrik Real Estate

Phil Pustejovsky – Founder of Freedom Mentor

I constantly feed my mind with good, powerful and positive influences. Go to church every Sunday. Watch based-on-true-story inspirational movies. I read tons of books on successful people. It’s a negative world out there and entrepreneurs are bombarded with negativity. You have to put on your mental hard helmet to…

Meet Phil Pustejovsky – Founder of Freedom Mentor