Frankie Coletto – Founder of PassTheNotes

Frankie Coletto - Founder of PassTheNotes

Stay focused on your “why”, under promise and over deliver, and always pay it forward. As crazy as it may sound to some, it’s efficient execution of those three simple things that make you successful. Frankie Coletto is the founder of PassTheNotes. Fusing his passion for technology with his educational background in Finance, Management, and […]

Evrim Oralkan – Founder and CEO of Travertine Mart

[quote style=”boxed”]Get close to your employees, and take a genuine interest in their future. [/quote] Evrim Oralkan is the founder and CEO of Travertine Mart, a boutique online flooring company specializing in premium-grade travertine pavers, tiles, and pool coping. Until Travertine Mart’s founding in 2007, travertine could only be found in brick-and-mortar shops. Travertine Mart has […]

Gideon Kimbrell – Owner of Syragon

[quote style=”boxed”]Different strategies should be used for different businesses. As ironic as it sounds, the most important strategy you can have is to have a strategy. [/quote] Gideon Kimbrell is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He owns Syragon, a software development company that has worked with well-known brands like Johnson & Johnson and Barnes & Noble. […]

Nicole LaBonde – Creatrix of CABARRET

[quote style=”boxed”]Sundays are off. I go to the beach. I cook. I have brunch with friends. Taking time off, even if it’s just a little bit, is so important to recharge, and to come in with a fresh focus.[/quote] Nicole LaBonde is the creatrix of CABARRET, a new dance fitness class in South Florida that […]

Bryan Weschler – CEO and Co-founder of 2 College Brothers

[quote style=”boxed”]Write them down. After you have an idea written down, analyze it and contemplate about it. Then speak to someone close to you who understands you and your thought process. I usually go to my brother for this. Last but not least, go out and execute your plan.[/quote] Bryan Weschler was born and raised […]