Julie Ewald

Julie Ewald

Julie Ewald is the Chief Everything Officer for Impressa Solutions, the all-remote agency she founded in 2012. In addition to having her hands in all areas of operations, she serves as Team Impressa’s lead sales and marketing strategist and senior consultant. She has nearly 20 years of experience in marketing,…

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Kirsten Helgeson

Kirsten Helgeson

Kirsten Helgeson is a social change visionary, strategist and advocate, using technology to drive mental health and women’s empowerment efforts globally. After 12 years leading D&I, philanthropy, sustainability and branding efforts with Fortune 500 companies, she left corporate life behind, jumping into global relief and empowerment. This work has taken…

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Jason Webb

Jason Webb

Jason Webb is a Milwaukee-based public speaker, entrepreneur, movement leader, and advocate of racial reconciliation. He helped start several churches, Brooklife Church and Lakepoint Church among others, as well as several nonprofits such as Upstart Kitchen and James Place. Mr. Webb founded an organization, a network of churches that helped…

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Hans Angermeier

Hans Angermeier Tech Entrepreneurs

A lifelong car lover, Hans Angermeier is the founder and Managing Member of CarCareKiosk, a technology Company focused on producing high-quality and vehicle-specific how-to videos for drivers to fix and maintain their cars. Hans’ expertise in car repair has grown over the past decade through his leadership role in the…

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Michael Hecker

Michael Hecker Health Entrepreneurs

Learn to focus on one task at a time. Procrastination is the kiss of death. Only learn enough information to begin to take action.   Dr Michael Hecker is a Wellness Consultant and Chiropractor. His focus is on helping people with chronic health conditions(3+ months) who are relying on medication…

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Shawn Alderton

Shawn Alderton

Always follow your intuition, it will always guide you down the right path.   Shawn Alderton, Owner and Founder of Affluent Amore Matchmakers has blazed the trail and set an extremely high standard for excellence in the Professional Matchmaking Industry. She is the only board-certified matchmaker in the state of…

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Susan Grzeskowiak

Susan Grzeskowiak

Take time to enjoy the journey, life goes by quickly.   Susan Grzeskowiak is an attorney specializing in consumer protection. She began her career working for a non-profit in 1998. Since 2000, she has devoted her practice to representing consumers in Wisconsin Lemon Law and automobile warranty and misrepresentation cases….

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Laura Henderson – Founder and CEO of Epiphany Learning

Focus and flexibility might sound like contradictions, but most successful entrepreneurs are able to balance both. You have to possess the unique ability to focus on the big picture while staying tuned in and responsive to the details that matter. Laura Henderson is a successful technology executive who first made…

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Harvey Shovers – President of MSI Data

Harvey Shovers - President of MSI Data

[quote style=”boxed”]I would have pushed harder to start my own company much earlier. Changing focus to building something vs. working for someone.[/quote] Harvey Shovers is the President of MSI Data, the leader in field workforce automation software. At MSI Data, Harvey is executing on his vision of helping business improve…

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James Carlson – Co-Founder of Bucketworks

James Carlson - Co-Founder of Bucketworks

[quote style=”boxed”]The most powerful tool in an entrepreneur’s tool chest is a well-made question. I ask dozens of questions every day. Good questions grow relationships and lead to success, learning and new ideas.[/quote] James lives and works at the crossroads of the co-working and maker movement. After leaving high school…

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