Shane Ortega

Shane Ortega

Shane Ortega is an experienced travel agent based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. After obtaining a degree in Travel and Tourism from Virginia Tech, Shane went on to work for several popular cruise lines, where he furthered his knowledge of the hospitality industry. Now as a full-time travel agent, Shane…

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Chad Price

Shane Ortega

Chad Price is an adventurous entrepreneur and born philanthropist. Driven by his innovative ideas and fresh take on the business world, he has shaken the foundations of many industries since starting his career. Back in 2014, along with his brother and friend, he started the now well-known MAKO Laboratories LLC….

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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson Tech Entrepreneurs

Mark Thompson is a serial entrepreneur, SaaS enthusiast, and co-founder of PayKickstart – the shopping cart and affiliate management platform that’s reinventing how startups and businesses sell online. In the first 72 hours of its existence, PayKickstart generated over $1M in sales. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Mark is also…

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Stuart Schwartz

Shane Ortega

We trust our homes to many professionals in the service industry. The best we can hope for is that they are good at what they do and that they will take good care of what is to most, our biggest investment. Stuart Schwartz, Owner, Founder, and Master Plumber of Schwartz…

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Jessica Parker

Shane Ortega

There is no substitute for learning from failure—it’s priceless.   Jessica Parker is a researcher, educator and entrepreneur. She is the owner and CEO of Dissertation by Design, a consulting firm that provides scholarly writing and professional editing support to graduate students all over the world. Her team consists of…

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Marc Lewis

Shane Ortega

Run until you fall. Worry about process later.   Marc Lewis is a Raleigh based entrepreneur, writer and founding member of Remedy Review – a digital publication that advances the well-being of people through thoughtful content and elevates voices that contribute to a more natural tomorrow. Where did the idea…

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Thomas Jepsen

Shane Ortega

Start meditating. It’s great for your mental health, and it’s made it a lot easier for me to fall asleep too.”   Thomas Jepsen is the CEO of Contractor Quotes with a Master’s degree in Accounting, Strategy & Control, although he urges young people to skip business school, especially if…

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Sean Newman Maroni – Co-founder and CEO of Betaversity

Ask everyone around you what you could be doing better as a leader, and why they think your business is NOT going to be successful. Most people will never tell you how to improve your personal skills or your overall business. You have to rip that feedback out of people…

Meet Sean Newman Maroni – Co-founder and CEO of Betaversity