Dodd Caldwell – Co-founder of MoonClerk

[quote style=”boxed”]Sometimes I tell people I only have one true skill. Fortunately, that skill is pretty valuable. I’m somehow able to get really talented people to work with me. I bring ideas to life by surrounding myself with people who do great work. [/quote] Dodd is passionate about startups and nonprofits. That passion shines through in […]

Sunny Bonnell – Co-founder of Motto

[quote style=”boxed”]”Do not be a slave to the ordinary”[/quote] Sunny Bonnell is a branding expert and serves as the co-founder and creative director at Motto. Motto is a comprehensive branding firm that helps visionary entrepreneurs and companies build inspiring brands using their most powerful asset: their purpose. Sunny thrives on inspiring others to pursue their […]

Dr. Myo Nwe – Inventor of SlimPlate System

[quote style=”boxed”]Most people know that I’m a really focused, goal orientated person. What they don’t know is that my focus stems from the fact that I hate leaving a project unfinished. I’m not sure why, it just bothers me.[/quote] Dr. Nwe is a diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is passionate about […]