John Meyer – Co-founder of 9 Clouds

[quote style=”boxed”]Ask for help. I think having the title of “entrepreneur” makes us believe we’re all alone and need to do it by ourselves.[/quote] John T. Meyer is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a visual marketing firm that specializes in infographics, interactive graphics and UI/UX design. His mission is to make the world an […]

Joe Barton – Founder of Barton Publishing

[quote style=”boxed”]One thing we do over and over is split test our marketing offers. We never know for sure what our visitors will respond to the most, though we have educated guesses. Often, our guesses are wrong.[/quote] Joe Barton is the founder of Barton Publishing and other websites that promote natural health by teaching people […]

Brian Gramm – Founder of Peppermint Energy

[quote style=”boxed”]With experience, I’ve come to realize it is okay to hear [naysayers] out and then move on. Don’t let them drain you or your energy.[/quote] Brian is a startup junkie who has guided early stage companies from concept through exit. Prior to founding Peppermint Energy, he founded Milo Belle Consultants, which he sold in […]