Nimrod Back – CEO and Co-founder of Pressy

[quote style=”boxed”]I consult and ask for advice. I have a lot of very talented friends that I trust, sometimes I’ll take their opinion over my own. In every big step I take I consult with them.[/quote] Nimrod Back is the CEO and Co-founder of Pressy. Nimrod is an entrepreneur, an industrial engineer, a mobile applications […]

Yogev Shelly – Co-Founder and CEO of TinyTap

[quote style=”boxed”]There is no ceiling. Anyone can be anything.[/quote] Yogev Shelly is the CEO and Lead Developer of TinyTap. Yogev received his B.Des from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. He started, an Interactive Studio working with startups, such as JVP, PLYMedia and Eye-Click, later he joined as the 4th member where he […]

Lior Maimon – Founder of Stagee

[quote style=”boxed”]No matter what happens, it’s important to always stay a little hungry.[/quote] Lior Maimon has spent the past 12 years in entrepreneurship, business development, marketing and management roles. He was founder and CEO of Zone1 Ltd., a web and mobile software solutions firm. He founded, a leading web 2.0 food network service, and […]

Avishai Weiss – Co-Founder and CEO of Apartable

[quote style=”boxed”]Talk to people. I must admit that I don’t talk to as many people as I probably should, but you won’t get very far if you just keep ideas to yourself. You never know who’s going to have an interesting insight.[/quote] Avishai Weiss is co-founder and CEO of Apartable, a new startup that’s easing […]

Assaf Eisenstein – Founder and CEO of GooodJob

[quote style=”boxed”]Measure everything–whether it’s customer conversion, user engagement or optimal functionality. If you don’t measure, you cannot evolve and improve.[/quote] Assaf Eisenstein founded GooodJob in order to improve upon the existing model of employee referral programs, and to provide corporate recruiters with a way to increase their access to better candidates. GooodJob offers organizations a sophisticated yet user-friendly […]

Amnon Levav – Co-Founder and Managing Director of SIT

[quote style=”boxed”]One thing we decided early on, which turned out to be an excellent business idea even though it wasn’t conceived as one, is to always work only with good people with whom you feel comfortable–and that includes clients. Also, try and leave a gift whenever you meet someone.[/quote] Amnon Levav is a co-founder and managing […]