Bryan Beatty – Partner of Egan, Berger & Weiner LLC

[quote style=”boxed”]I think I would do very little differently with one exception, I would have found a love of history sooner. It really makes you think about how things came to be and why. [/quote] Graduate of University of Maryland with a BS in Finance; former president of the Finance, Banking and Investment Society. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL […]

Liz Updike – CEO and Founder of Liz Enterprises

[quote style=”boxed”]I execute by taking focused action steps each and every day, and I visualize my ideas being implemented successfully to all who may benefit from what I have to offer which is my unique value proposition.[/quote] Elizabeth “Liz” Updike, President, Liz E, Liz Enterprises, LLC, is an accomplished financial services industry leader with a […]

Christian Knapp – Co-founder of URBANAUTS

Kohlmayer Lutter Knapp Office for Systemic Design is a design agency based in Vienna, Austria. Following a post-structuralistic point of view, their credo is the creation of systems, not buildings. Each of their approaches into the fields of urbanism, architecture, and design consider a wide range of aesthetic, social, economic, and ecological aspects focusing on […]

Clément Lioure – Founder of

Clément Lioure has studied International Business Management in France and Germany. After many years spent between both countries, he settled in Vienna, Austria where he worked as an area sales Manager for France at Containex, one of the European leading container trading companies and as a Sales Manager for the Asian market at Roxcel, one […]