Will Johnston – Entrepreneur and Owner of Growandmake.com

Long time entrepreneur involved with multiple startups and Silicon Valley Fortune 500 companies. Successfully launched multiple websites and products for a variety of Internet and e-Commerce businesses.

Love to innovate, explore new technologies and examined new business models.

What are you working on right now?

Improving Growandmake.com with the goal of providing a destination for consumers to discover ways to live more sustainably.

Working through the challenges of online marketing, social media, e-commerce, content creation and management and customer support.

3 Trends that excite you?

What is going to happen with the print and online news business. This is an incredible sea of change and it will be incredible to watch it play out.

Twitter… what the heck to people like about twitter and how will it evolve into something truly useful… I mean go read what people tweet about.

Sustainability and its mainstream adoption. How to make sustainable living affordable, user-friendly and ubiquitous.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Keep an open mind and always question everything.
Prototype – the cost and time to prototype is so low that you can test ideas for nothing
Iterate – after you prototype, iterate, iterate, iterate until it feels right

Find forums, friends and similar thinkers to discuss your idea and determine if it should be abandoned immeditiately or tweaked before building.

What would help you to live in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible manner?

Growandmake.com is intended to provide consumers, families and individuals with guidance and insights on living in a way that is more responsible, efficient and with a lower carbon footprint.

Will I ever get a chance to climb the El Capitan ‘Nose’ route?

Something I’ve longed to do for years, but have not been climbing, fallen out of shape and don’t know if I have that edge anymore…


email: [email protected]

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