John Burch – Business Coach to 100+ Small Business Owners

An adventurous 16 yr old kid, John Burch entered the United States Air Force and quickly 
realized that he was meant for other professions after his four year enlistment
 was up. He opened his first Martial Arts School, which was ranked one of the
 top two in the country, and was shocked since he had no college education in
 business. That school success bred a second location and thing were 
booming… little did he know he was the highest paid slave. Unable to 
continue the growth, due to burnout, he sold his businesses. Not deterred,
 he studied why his passion seemed to turn on him. Why did the thing he once
 loved feel like a chore? He spent the next several years documenting his
 success but more importantly his failures. In addition, he became an expert 
at what others did in his situation. He became an expert on experts. When
 John was pestered by a friend to look at their business, a small consulting
 firm, he decided to test what he knew. His position was to take the small
 business and not just make it bigger but to make it a device (business) his
 friend could use to make slightly more money but have massively more free time.
 And, it worked. It took about 6 months to get it dialed in but it worked by
 reducing his work hours, building a system of support and giving him more
 free time while increasing his profit. When other businesses, in the US and
 around the world, began to hear about this and contact John it became
 clear… he needed to build a seminar and other tools (here’s a link for a
 company he partnered with to coach a group of trainers ) for them to get
 exposure to these ideas. To date, John has trained over 100 businesses world
wide and does ongoing mentoring for two dozen each month.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on ways to empower as many small/medium size business owners to either create a system that supports 
them or enhance and improve a system already in place. This requires both
 building bigger dreams and building better standards to build a better 
quality of life. The empowerment I’m talking about isn’t just being a
 cheerleader on the sidelines… Mostly, like 99% of the time, it’s
 introducing tools and methods then holding a person accountable to those 
dreams,  standards and future they aspire to.

3 Trends that excite you?

1) The internet continues to allow for tracking performance of…
everything. And the tools are getting more user friendly to support people 
because of the low barrier to entry level testing.

2) Hostility in the marketplace… nothing is better to clear away the
posers than volatility. The real entrepreneurs will be left standing.

3) Niche is the new big. Small ideas could gain traction and 999 crazy 
passionate fans will generate a modest fortune if done correctly.

How do you bring ideas to life?

I know what I’m good at and I focus on doing
 that first when getting up. This is before answering the phone or checking email, 
which I only do a couple times a day. This is the time to accomplish something 
regarding my business driver… other items are low priority to get responded to or 
are redirected to another person on my team. Maybe an intern. I’m also great at
 synthesizing information… nothing gives you a better view than to stand on 
the shoulders of giants.

What is one mistake that you’ve made that our readers can learn from?

on in my entrepreneurial career I made the mistake of confusing my success
 of energy with success of a system… Now I get an idea and early in the
 development stage I look to see if the idea supports a system. If if
 doesn’t, I abandon it.

What is one idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers?

 benefits of this suggestion will be noticed in the 
quality-of-life-improvement area… boycott TV… As a collective, choose to
 ban a TV network to show advertisers who is really in control. This is just
 for a designated time not for ever.. heck, I’m a fan of TV shows like House. 
And I’m not against ads, just bad ones. Let’s send a message to the
 ad agencies that if they are going to borrow some of our valuable time they
 better be very entertaining.

What is the greatest enjoyment of what you do?

I love 
seeing someone I’ve mentored or trained “get it.” The moment the light
 switch goes on inside… Now, I’m not talking about when they comprehend what I’m 
saying but they are actually doing what I’m saying and are happy with their
 results. I smile like I just won the lottery.

What is the hardest thing you had to overcome?

I had to
 get over myself… seriously. I realized at some point that a rough life,
 childhood, blah, blah, blah is no reason to be a drama queen. Here’s the
 truth I’ve found –  everyone has it rough. It’s a level playing field. Now 
get to it.


Email: [email protected]