Adam Xavier – CEO and Co-Founder of RoadLoK

Without a network, large-scale success and growth are much more difficult, if not impossible. Adam Xavier is the co-founder and CEO of RoadLoK, the world's leading motorcycle anti-theft immobilizer, patented in 2008. RoadLoK quickly drew attention … [Read more]

Pratham Mittal – Co-founder of VenturePact

Talk to people about your business, try different messaging and always be open to feedback. You will learn something new every time. Pratham Mittal is the co-founder of VenturePact, a marketplace that helps businesses find and engage with … [Read more]

Clarence Bethea – Founder of Upsie

Defining a problem is the first step to bringing a new idea to life. I look for problems that may be getting overlooked, and then consider the solutions available. Clarence Bethea is a business entrepreneur, consumer advocate, community leader, … [Read more]

Nabeel Mushtaq – CoFounder of

One habit that increases productivity is a constant exchange of information within the team. Consistent updates keep everyone on task and keeps their eye on their daily goals. Nabeel Mushtaq is passionate about creating products and services that … [Read more]