Kashif Aftab – Founder and CEO of SkillGigs

I’m always taking notes. I sketch ideas out on paper, then I use Excel to hash them out further. Then, I come up with a framework for how I’ll execute the idea, and I create a working prototype to test my assumptions. Once I have data to prove the … [Read more]

Justin Evans – Co-founder of LANDR.com

Read books that are about other things than business that really challenge your perceptions. Eat great food regularly with brilliant people, and try and find new ones to eat with all the time. Justin Evans is the co-founder and product vision … [Read more]

Ben Waber – President and CEO at Humanyze

I like making small prototypes that actually work (even if only some of the time), and testing things out. If it doesn't really work in practice, at least you learned something. Ben Waber is recognized worldwide as an expert in people analytics, … [Read more]

Naomi Brounstein – Co-Founder of Ten Gav

Talk to everyone you meet about your project. You never know who is in a position to help you. And you never know what kind of helpful tips you might receive. Naomi Brounstein is one of Ten Gav’s co-founder who was first trained as a lawyer in … [Read more]

Naomi Benenson – Founder of wish2wish

At the end of each month, I write in my schedule for the month ahead, color coding each activity. It may sound weird, but the last thing I see before I go to bed is my whiteboard calendar and it’s the first thing I see when I wake up, and I love … [Read more]