Yoli Chisholm – Founder of Welearnlive.com

Everyone can be excellent for an hour…so only think and do things in 1 hour increments. Yoli Chisholm is a pioneer in the Internet space first gaining online experience back in 1999 in Canada with start-up Chapters.ca that was the Canadian … [Read more]

Erik Chan – Founder of Angelbacker

Stay persistent, optimistic, and don’t make the same mistakes again. Every entrepreneur needs to stay persistent and optimistic to stay being an entrepreneur. Want-to-be-entrepreneurs make excuses for themselves. A serial entrepreneur and … [Read more]

Benjy Feinberg – Co-founder and CEO of Behalf

I like to think about technology as fueling today’s move toward disintermediation — removing the middleman from the supply chain process. As new technologies develop, the masses can access more information directly. Ultimately, this trend makes life … [Read more]

A Fresh Start for IdeaMensch

I started IdeaMensch about six years ago because I wanted to learn from entrepreneurs. I didn't really want to be an entrepreneur but was obsessed with how entrepreneurs of all kinds seemed to be the absolute best at bringing ideas to life. At the … [Read more]

Rita Sheth – Founder of The Many Sides

I think ideas can only really be brought to life by putting something of who you are into them. There has to be some sort of vision beyond the business for example a clear message or motivation you have that gives life to the project. Rita Sheth … [Read more]

Sathvik Tantry – Co-founder of FormSwift

Sathvik Tantry is the co-founder of FormSwift, a SaaS platform helping organizations go paperless. FormSwift’s tools allow businesses and individuals to create, edit, sign, and collaborate on documents and workflows in the cloud, eliminating … [Read more]

Dror Ginzberg – CEO of wochit

My days are intense. But to stay productive, I literally maintain a list of my “top 10 most important things.” Some are more strategic and long-term, and some more tactical and short-term, but I keep it up to date and revisit it often, making daily … [Read more]

Torrey Tayenaka – CEO of Sparkhouse

Networking, every good thing that has happened to my businesses has come from a personal connection. Its amazing how much business and good fortune comes from the people you went to school with, played sports with, or even your neighbors. As CEO … [Read more]

Sona Jepsen – Vice President of FIS Global

Create it. Deploy it. Listen to feedback. Revise it. I go through this cycle with speed and efficiency and try to keep emotion out of it. As vice president and head of consultant relations at FIS Global, Sona Jepsen has created and nurtured … [Read more]

João Barros – Founder and CEO of Veniam

Everything that I can decide or do in less than two minutes I decide or do in less than two minutes. João Barros is Professor Catedrático (Full Professor) of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Porto, Founder and CEO of Veniam … [Read more]