Aschkan Abdul Malek – Founder of AlemHealth

Ask yourself “what did I learn” at the end of the week, and “what do I need to learn” at the beginning of the week. If you’re not learning, you’re probably not listening, and your business will reflect that. Aschkan Abdul Malek  combines a … [Read more]

Jay Olsen – Founder of Jobsite Unite

People will judge your capabilities based on your position, but your position doesn’t limit your capabilities. Jay Olsen has been around construction his entire life — you could even say it’s in his blood. Jay grew up in Leon, Iowa, and his dad … [Read more]

Maximo Cavazzani – Founder and CEO of Etermax

Success is created right at that point between ability and necessity. Both the ability to create and an eye for necessity are trained by doing. Maximo Cavazzani (29), creator of Trivia Crack and CEO of Etermax, has a degree in Software Engineering … [Read more]