Omri Avisar – Founder of fewMinutes

Use my own product and get as much user feedback as I can. That’s the best way to improve and move forward. Omri Avisar is the Founder and CEO of fewMinutes. fewMinutes is a time-sensitive smartphone app that delivers news articles filtered … [Read more]

Mike Juloya – Founder of Proof of Concept

Following a plan is important but you don’t want to get distracted by it. You have to be flexible so and when things hit the fan you can be present and find your way out. Mike Juloya is a Filipino-American entrepreneur. He is best known as the … [Read more]

Eli Blatt – Founder of GOcase

Ruthless prioritization. There’s so many different things at any given time that you could be working on. When you’re a small company, it’s doubly important to practice ruthless prioritization to make sure you’re working on the right projects. Eli … [Read more]

Oliver Cross – Founder of Skwag

Embrace the idea of FOMO (fear of the missing out) and get out there and do it. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re actually finding out rather than just guessing. Bournemouth, UK – Entrepreneur Oliver Cross is excited to announce the … [Read more]