David Taylor – Founder of Mobius Nutrition

Read. As an entrepreneur, whenever I stop reading or listening to books about entrepreneurship I start losing motivation and focus. I need to keep learning in order keep my skills honed and keep myself on task. David Taylor is the twenty-five year … [Read more]

Nada Stirratt – CEO of Verve Mobile

I do not multitask. I am fully present in meetings and focused on driving to a desired outcome. “Discuss, debate, decide” is my mantra for meetings. You simply cannot be on email while listening to a presentation or texting while brainstorming. Nada … [Read more]

Will Crump – President and CEO DATUM

Validate your assumptions. It is the only way you can be sure you aren’t too far ahead of your audience, your market, your team, or yourself. With more than 15 years invested in building high-performance, cross-functional teams to compete in global … [Read more]

Desmond Lim – Founder of QuikForce

Keep things simple. Always try to focus on one to two key things at any one point and do them very, very well. In today’s over-cluttered world, it is very easy to want to solve many problems at once, or to even just talk to many people at … [Read more]