Peter Crosby – Chief Dreamer at DreamFund

It’s the software, stupid. Build a great product and the rest will follow. So we keep our eyes firmly fixed on that. Peter Crosby is Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Dreamer at, the circle giving platform for important dreams. With … [Read more]

Anthony Russo – Founder of Identity Marketing

I stay up late at night because I know how my body and brain work best. Some people are morning people, and some are not. I’m not a morning person, so why would I try to fake it? Anthony Russo has been a self-employed business owner for more than … [Read more]

Elliot Tomaeno – Founder of Astrsk

Connect with as many people as you can in an authentic way. Listen and become genuinely interested in those around you — whether you’re in a board meeting or at the grocery store. Elliot Tomaeno, founder of Astrsk, understands the intersection … [Read more]

Chuck Amos – CEO of GuideK12

This may sound strange, but for small companies, not all growth is good growth. Measured growth is best. I believe that a company needs to pace itself with regard to the promises and commitments it makes both internally and externally. No amount of … [Read more]

Michael DeFranco – Founder and CEO of Lua

I think you experience different types of failure every day and you learn, grow and build from there. Everything takes three times as long and twice as much money to build as you anticipate, so level set your expectations early on and don’t get … [Read more]

AJ Shankar – Founder and CEO of Everlaw

I’m excited that design matters. Just because you use a niche enterprise product, you shouldn’t have to struggle with an ugly and hard to use experience. AJ Shankar is the founder and CEO of Everlaw, where he leads a team that is building the … [Read more]