Dennis Mortensen – CEO and Founder of

[quote style="boxed"]Exceptional customer service at all times. Never forget who you work for.[/quote] Dennis is the CEO and Founder of, whose artificial intelligence driven personal assistant lets people schedule meetings using plain English … [Read more]

Justin Lee – Co-founder and CEO of Vessyl

[quote style="boxed"]This is not a strategy, but is helpful. I genuinely really care about everyone at the company. Their happiness is something I prioritize.[/quote] Justin is responsible for the overall product strategy and direction of the … [Read more]

Jock Purtle – CEO of

[quote style="boxed"]Doing some work every day. Moving projects forward slowly. There is a great saying: “How do you eat an elephant?” and the answer is one bite at a time. I think success comes down to a couple of things. Firstly goals and then … [Read more]

Ajay Patel – Co-founder and CEO of HighQ

[quote style="boxed"]Manage downward, never upward. Of course, the success of a company is dependent upon the performance of the entire team, but people by nature still want to be praised and recognized for individual achievements.[/quote] Ajay … [Read more]