Tom Patterson – Founder of Tommy John

Tom Patterson was fed up with the way his undershirt came untucked, shrunk up, and quickly yellowed, so he set out to make the ultimate undershirt that is now the must have for every man. Raised in Milbank, South Dakota—population: 3,600, Tom always … [Read more]

Xander Oxman – Co-Founder and CEO of Club W

[quote style="boxed"]Read. Stay curious. Keep learning. Identify smart people and ask them questions.[/quote] Xander Oxman is Co-Founder and CEO of Club W, an e-commerce company providing a better way to discover, buy and share wine. Club W stemmed … [Read more]

Elizabeth Dodson – Co-founder of HomeZada

[quote style="boxed"]I didn’t engage a group of people in a seed round because I didn’t think they were interested. Never assume until you actually ask — and ask more.[/quote] Elizabeth Dodson is the co-founder of HomeZada, a cloud-based home … [Read more]

Corey Weiner – Founder of Jun Group

[quote style="boxed"]Focus. I’m addicted to multitasking, but I’ve found that it simply doesn’t work very well, and it’s a character flaw I’ve had to work on. When I’ve focused exclusively on the task at hand, I’ve been much more productive and … [Read more]

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Read Rework

We have asked thousands of entrepreneurs about what the one book is they would recommend every other entrepreneur should read. That is why we created IdeaMensch 100, what my mother would call the ultimate book list for entrepreneurs. The most … [Read more]