Mitchell Fox – Co-Founder of GoodApril

[quote style="boxed"]Use A/B testing very early on to figure out what kinds of messaging resonates with users. We have done this many ways - with AdWords campaigns, Google Experiments on our homepage, and Facebook ads. It gives you data to inform … [Read more]

Sean Johnson – Partner of Digital Intent

[quote style="boxed"]Deliberate practice - consistently focus on being staggeringly good at what you do.[/quote] Sean Johnson is a partner and leads product development at Digital Intent, a firm that conceives, builds and grows new digital startups. … [Read more]

Scott Krantz – CEO of On Campus Media

[quote style="boxed"]I think everyone should have at least one labor intensive job that gives them a baseline as to what hard work really is.[/quote] Scott Krantz is the CEO and co-founder of On Campus Media. Launched in 2012, On Campus Media gives … [Read more]

George Lewis – Co-founder of ZetrOZ

[quote style="boxed"]We are constantly generating innovative tactics and design changes. We’ll throw an idea on the board; the next thing you know, we’ve drafted prototypes. An engineer then builds it; the next day, it’s being tested. We have an … [Read more]