Robert Baker – Co-founder of Mac to School

The early morning is my most productive/creative time. I like to jump right into my laptop over a cup of coffee and knock out any creative action items I have. Robert Baker is the co-founder of Mac to School. He has worked in the Apple industry … [Read more]

Aaron Michel – CEO of PathSource

  I’ve tried for years to sleep less than the 8 hours a night that I seemed to need for my first 30 years of life. What I’ve found is that I can cut down to 6 hours a night if I do a 20 minute nap in the middle of the day. That gives me … [Read more]

Matt Jones – President of THC University

As an entrepreneur I always put myself in the customers shoes, and try and experience what they experience when visiting your store or website. Ever since Matt Jones was 12 years old he wanted to be an entrepreneur. After graduating high school, … [Read more]