Ron Shuali – Creator of Shua-Life Skills

Ron Shuali is the creator and founder of Shua-Life Skills. He created Shua-Life Skills as the solution to the constant changing society where many essential life skills are getting skipped over in education. This approach has been of benefit to scores of schools, adults and children. Formerly a classic nerd and bullying victim, Ron has been called the “Champion of Children.” His education spans that beyond traditional education. He spent more than 10 years studying philosophy, psychology and many other modalities in his quest for truly understanding why and how the human mind works.

He is a certified personal trainer, a black belt martial arts instructor, a reiki master, a former professional wrestler and a F.I.T. master instructor. His programs have effectively changed the lives of thousands of children and adults that the programs have reached. His professional resume includes performing numerous fitness, bully and stranger prevention assembly programs in public and private schools, and training teachers and physical educator in health and wellness workshops. His popular, life-changing “Bringing Respect Back to Schools” seminar was presented to more than 300 schools including a presentation at the National Association for the Education of Youth Children conference multiple times. He has articles that he has written and that have been written about him. Last year he wrote his first book, “Building the 21st Century Child: An Instruction Manual.”

Ron Shuali has become New Jersey 12’s “In Our Schools” resident specialist on behavior management and bullying and is also a proud member of the National Speakers Association. He recently became a the Goddard Systems first preferred vendor for staff and parent training. This all happened after the immense success of Ron being the keynote speaker at all four of the Goddard Schools regional directors conferences.

What are you working on right now?

After being introduced to the Goddard Systems, I am currently setting up a national tour of the Goddard schools across the country presenting my “Bringing Respect Back to Schools” behavior management workshop. In addition to my speaking tour, we are currently licensing our children’s youth enrichment programs nationally so that anyone across the country can learn how to teach life skills in preschools. Finally, I recently started doing open mics to work on my stand up routine.

3 Trends that excite you?

1. New preschools are getting built everywhere you look. This allows for more opportunities to expand our preschool enrichment programs to reach more children.

2. Teaching jobs are harder to acquire and maintain. This will have more qualified teachers who are looking for other opportunities during or after school hours like buying a license from us and expanding our name brand.

3. Children and at-home businesses are the most requested businesses to start up. Our enrichment programs qualify under both.

How do you bring ideas to life?

I look at what is missing in the world and think about how I can provide what’s missing and truly help others. For example, my instructors would control their students’ behaviors during their classes, and then leave to go to a new school. The staff wanted to know how my 19-year-old sophomore in college maintained classroom structure better than their certified teachers with master’s degrees. I proceeded to create a professional development workshop that taught those skills and techniques. I personally cannot sit down and write. Whether it was my 80-page business plan or my 120-page book. My business partner turned me onto

You just call, enter your password and start talking. Your words will appear in an e-mail in a few hours. Then cut, paste and edit it in Microsoft Word. I would get in my car with a chapter in mind, then dial the phone and 15 minutes later, the chapter is talked out.

Finally, Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager. I live and breathe for that software. Without it, there is no way I would be able to keep track of more than 1,000 contacts and prospects on a regular basis.

What is one mistake you’ve made that our readers can learn from?

Don’t focus on the money. Find what you are passionate about and master it. You’ll see that people will throw money at your for your passion-filled product or service.

What is one book and one tool that helps you bring ideas to life?

Read “The E-Myth Revisited” so you can stay an entrepreneur and not get lost in your own job that you created.

I like Ulead Movie Studio. Many of my speaking videos and commercials on my website and YouTube are edited, copied and feature added effects from that software alone.

What is one idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers?

Every idea can be executed. You just need to find the right people and funding to execute it.

What is the overall mission of your company?

To empower children to choose to behave like civilized, well-behaved children in any and all situations and to help people realize that helping others makes you a happier and better person. This would be achieved by introducing martial arts and Yogarate into all preschools and elementary schools.

What is a goal that you haven’t achieved yet?

To wrestle one televised match in a WWE ring.