Bryan Wetzel – COO of Skubes

Don’t chase the money, chase your customer’s satisfaction. Bryan Wetzel manages the “content” side of Bryan has over 20 years of experience running his own company in broadcast media, editing and production industries. Bryan got his start in the entertainment and production business in the late 1980s as a Director of Photography and production […]

Hamilton Powell – Founder of Crown & Caliber

[quote style=”boxed”]Get out of the office. Read, meet with people smarter than you, engage with other entrepreneurs. Your job as an entrepreneur isn’t to get caught in the weeds. You are tasked with steering the ship – so avoid the temptation to become a silo.[/quote] Crown & Caliber is the first exclusive buyer and consigner […]

Ed Trimble – Co-Founder and President of Kevy

[quote style=”boxed”]Collaborate. Great ideas may happen in a vacuum but it definitely requires others to bring them to life.[/quote] Ed is the co-Founder and President of Kevy. Kevy offers a platform that makes it simple for companies to connect and integrate data across their cloud-based business applications. Ed is a serial entrepreneur serving as co-Founder […]

David Paull – Founder of Compostwheels

[quote style=”boxed”]The reason for this is that any mistake or hardship this startup has faced has been a growing experience and brought us to a new place each time, often unrecognizable and better than before.[/quote] David Paull has extensive experience in sustainable design and community development around agriculture, with over six years of social enterprise […]

Clayton Preble – Founder of GenSpring Power

[quote style=”boxed”]Start every day by asking yourself, ‘What am I going to do today to improve the business or product/service that I’m selling?’ If you are not happy with yesterday, ask yourself, ‘What can I do today to be more successful?'[/quote] Clayton Preble is the founder and president of GenSpring Power, Inc., a company formed […]

Susan Shaw – Owner of TheArtBarn

[quote style=”boxed”]If you don’t know you can’t do it, you can do it![/quote] “Farmer Sue,” as she has been dubbed by the children who have visited her farm, will warm your heart with her unending enthusiasm and genuine love for her favorite things: children, art, animals and agriculture. As the self-proclaimed “Happiest Girl in the […]

Erin Levin – Producer of African Children’s Choir Film

[quote style=”boxed”]When I have an idea that I am passionate about and believe can make this world a better place, I relentlessly work towards making it a reality.[/quote] Erin is an award-winning storyteller. Her production and outreach experience ranges from ABC and CNN to the Peace Corps and non-profits around the world. At CNN, Erin […]

Malika Harricharan – Founder of the Association of Food Bloggers

[quote style=”boxed”]Outsource everything you can within your means. As entrepreneurs we often think we have to be the master of everything. That isn’t the best approach with everything there is to manage nowadays.[/quote] Malika Harricharan was born in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, but only lived there for a couple months before being adopted by two […]

Jacques Johnson – Teen Rapper

[quote style=”boxed”]Read more.  Read about others who have made it in your industry prior to getting started.[/quote] Jacques Johnson (Pronounced: (zhahk) is a native of metro Atlanta.  This teen is definitely not a “cookie cutter” artist.  He has always been an individual.  Upon meeting Jacques, you will see a young man who has the swag […]