Adam Scheid

Adam Scheid

Adam Scheid grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin as an advit Packers fan and cheese curd enthusiast. He began his marketing career at a very early age developing html websites in middle school and mastering graphic design projects. In High School, he enrolled in business classes and participated in state…

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Dana Biggs

Adam Scheid

Dana Biggs isn’t your typical associate broker. While many agents are motivated by money, Dana brings his heart for helping and vast teaching career experience. As such, Dana combined these skills into his own business which continues to grow every day. As mentioned, Dana created Dana’s Colorado Homes, which he…

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Mags Lybolt

Adam Scheid

Magdalena “Mags” Lybolt is a seasoned business owner and prolific writer. Mags understands the commitment necessary to run a business, write several books, and be an excellent, attentive mother to her children. Mags has an MBA in Business from Purdue University, where she specialized in marketing and technology. By her…

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Pat Smith

Adam Scheid

Pat Smith has been the CEO of real estate development firm WestPac for nearly 25 years. Before joining WestPac, Pat Smith obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from California Polytechnic before founding Smith and Company as a real estate development and investment firm. He was later invited to join the…

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Matt Parker

Adam Scheid

Matt Parker and Laura Parker co-founded The Exodus Road, an international anti-trafficking organization while living in Thailand. Matt, an expert in undercover operations and casework, has partnered with law enforcement all around the world to combat human trafficking crime. Matt served as the CEO of The Exodus Road for nearly…

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Thomas Franklin

Adam Scheid

Thomas Franklin, a senior partner at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton and founder of Triangle IP. Over the years he has worked with numerous Fortune 500 tech companies in crafting their patent strategy. He has built a deep first-hand understanding in the areas of Software, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Internet Technologies….

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Erica Groussman

Adam Scheid

Erica Groussman is a mom, wife, and wellness maven. She is the co-founder and CEO of TRUWOMEN, an indulgent nutrition company where they create natural and clean nutrition bars that tastes like classic desserts. Her products and the way she runs her company are empowering women and creating healthier products…

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Nicholas Paschal

Adam Scheid

Nicholas Paschal is an entrepreneur and technologist with year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within startup, turnaround, and rapid change conditions. He is the CEO of Alpine IQ; a customer data, marketing, and analytics cloud designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Their goal since day one has…

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Martha Weidmann

Adam Scheid

When you’re born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, genteel grace and charm are just a natural byproduct of your upbringing. But Martha’s deep understanding of the art business and tenacious drive for business success are something all her own. As our CEO and Co-Founder of NINE dot ARTS, Martha oversees…

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