Stephen Kurtz – CEO of MuscleSound

I keep the end in mind. Many ignore this rule, but doing so can lead to failure for many great ideas. It’s why people run out of money before realizing their dream. Stephen Kurtz is CEO of MuscleSound, where he oversees all aspects of the company’s operations as they relate to business development and investor […]

Steve Musick – CEO of Destiny Capital

[quote style=”boxed”]Take the time to relate well to the people around you. [/quote] Steve Musick is the CEO of Destiny Capital, a financial advising firm he founded in 1977. In addition to being a wealth management expert, Steve is an author, speaker, and lecturer on the subject of entrepreneurial leadership. He recently launched Empowerium, an entrepreneurial […]

Kyle Sanders – CEO of Complete Web Resources

[quote style=”boxed”]”You are the product of your aggregate experiences and that directly contributes to your success in business.”[/quote] Kyle Sanders is an eCommerce and small business SEO consultant on a mission to help online businesses improve their web presence, business strategy, and topline revenue. Presently, Kyle is the CEO of Complete Web Resources, a full-service […]

Tamara Kleinberg – Founder of The Shuuk

[quote style=”boxed”]There is no typical in my day. That’s why I love it. Routine bores me. Sometimes I having coffee with a new inventor, other times I’m doing a keynote speech about innovation. I do a lot of writing, a lot of thinking and definitely a lot of playing. Last night I was in the […]

Rob Carpenter – Founder of AppIt Ventures

[quote style=”boxed”]Building an app is like building a house. If everything is well scoped out the process goes quickly. If you’re half way through construction and the client suddenly wants to reduce the size of the kitchen, add a new bedroom or tack on an additional story, there are serious delays.[/quote] Rob is a business […]

Peter Vogel – Co-Founder of Plink

[quote style=”boxed”]We encourage a lot of conversation and questioning. There are no sacred cows. There are no certainties in startups.[/quote] Peter Vogel is co-founder and CEO of Plink, an online-to-offline loyalty program that rewards members for dining and shopping at their favorite national restaurants and offline stores. He has more than a decade of executive-level, […]

Shari Beaudette – Owner of SPA Time Living

[quote style=”boxed”]Say yes to opportunities that align with your vision and purpose. If the passion is there, the “how” will fall into place as long as you do the work.[/quote] Shari is the author of the forthcoming book 13 Mind-Body Habits for Health: The SPA Time Living Guide to Overwhelm Resilience & Work-Life-Wellness Integration. Her […]

Todd Hills – CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]I wouldn’t want to start again. I’ve gotten where I am today from my experiences. When I was 17, I began my journey of building a business from the ground up.[/quote] Todd A. Hills is a Colorado native and 25-year veteran of the pawn industry. Todd lives in Parker, Colorado, with his wife, children […]

Chris McConnell – Founder of

[quote style=”boxed”] I love Evernote–I’m definitely a fanatic. It’s on my Mac, my iPhone and my iPad and it helps me organize my thoughts and track down old ideas. Oftentimes I’ll look through my Evernote notebooks and look for emerging patterns. If I notice, for instance, that I’ve clipped 10 cool new infographic tools I’ll start […]

Steven Vannoy – Founder of Verus Global

[quote style=”boxed”]Use every single interaction and activity to learn and get even better. Life is one amazing textbook.[/quote] Steven Vannoy is an author, speaker, facilitator and founder of Verus Global. In 1990, Verus Global launched with the vision to build resilient work cultures, more productive teams and a higher quality of life for all. Now, with more […]