Sara Simackova

Sara Simackova

Co-founder of creative studio Pure Stuff Sara Simackova has +10 years in the advertising, design & marketing industry. From ethical brands to welding workers, Sara Simackova and Pepa Dvoracek are making waves at Pure stuff studio, a creative studio building brands people want. Clients include Volkswagen, Nextbike, Liberation or Amnesty…

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Barbora Nevosadova – Co-founder of

Barbora Nevosadova - Co-founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]”…learn to be more patient and stop to think before [you] jump into doing things right away.”[/quote] Barbora Nevosadova is a co-founder of travel planner and visual flight search engine In her work she combines two of her passions – traveling and online marketing. She loves traveling…

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