Frankie Coletto – Founder of PassTheNotes

Frankie Coletto - Founder of PassTheNotes

Stay focused on your “why”, under promise and over deliver, and always pay it forward. As crazy as it may sound to some, it’s efficient execution of those three simple things that make you successful. Frankie Coletto is the founder of PassTheNotes. Fusing his passion for technology with his educational background in Finance, Management, and […]

Phil Pustejovsky – Founder of Freedom Mentor

I constantly feed my mind with good, powerful and positive influences. Go to church every Sunday. Watch based-on-true-story inspirational movies. I read tons of books on successful people. It’s a negative world out there and entrepreneurs are bombarded with negativity. You have to put on your mental hard helmet to protect yourself. Phil Pustejovsky is […]

Mack Dudayev – Founder of InsureChance

[quote style=”boxed”]Read a lot and then read some more. I try to read everything about my industry, marketing, technology, business and when I have time I love reading business biographies.[/quote] Mack Dudayev is the founder of InsureChance, an online life insurance marketplace located in Boca Raton, Florida. It is one of a kind online life […]

Ian Ippolito – Founder of Peanut Butter and Jelly Games

[quote style=”boxed”]I set daily goals when I wake up in the morning. Before getting out of bed I visualize how I’m going to accomplish them, and overcome obstacles. That has an amazing effect on bringing abstract ideas to life.[/quote] Ian Ippolito is the founder of Exhedra Solutions and a serial tech entrepreneur. He founded his […]

Evrim Oralkan – Founder and CEO of Travertine Mart

[quote style=”boxed”]Get close to your employees, and take a genuine interest in their future. [/quote] Evrim Oralkan is the founder and CEO of Travertine Mart, a boutique online flooring company specializing in premium-grade travertine pavers, tiles, and pool coping. Until Travertine Mart’s founding in 2007, travertine could only be found in brick-and-mortar shops. Travertine Mart has […]

Alessandra Torre – Author of Blindfolded Innocence

[quote style=”boxed”] I try to outsource as many tasks as possible, in an attempt to free up more time to write.[/quote] In July 2012, 28-year-old Alessandra Torre was a first-time writer who uploaded her first self-published novel with fingers crossed that she would attract readers. And she did. In droves. Her book “Blindfolded Innocence” rose to […]

Gary Hall – Owner of The Race Club

[quote style=”boxed”]Become interested in your field, become an expert, an authority and share your knowledge via videos or articles. But find a niche. Don’t try to be too many things to your clients. It is far better to be really good in a smaller specific area of interest.[/quote] The Race Club is owned and operated […]

Gideon Kimbrell – Owner of Syragon

[quote style=”boxed”]Different strategies should be used for different businesses. As ironic as it sounds, the most important strategy you can have is to have a strategy. [/quote] Gideon Kimbrell is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He owns Syragon, a software development company that has worked with well-known brands like Johnson & Johnson and Barnes & Noble. […]

Chandra Davis – Founder of Drink Chia

[quote style=”boxed”]Constantly challenge yourself to grow on a spiritual and emotional level. Business is relationships and egos can destroy. Developing the tools to deal with stress, disappoint, interesting personalities is key – make it a daily discipline! [/quote] A graduate from Emory University with a background in marketing & sales, Chandra’s life took a turn for the unexpected […]

Will Mitchell – Co-founder of StartupBros

[quote style=”boxed”]Brute force. Ideas don’t happen unless you make them happen. If you want an idea to come to life, then it’s your responsibility to figure it out and make it happen.[/quote] Will has been an internet entrepreneur since he started skipping school to build businesses in sixth grade. By 16, he had built a […]