Vanky Kataria

Vanky Kataria

In life, it isn’t about having the right aptitude, it is about having the right attitude   Vanky Kenny Kataria is a two time representative of India in public speaking. His work and accomplishments have been featured in books such as ’30&Under’ authored by Peter Cuderman. The book highlights the…

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Charu Babbar

Charu Babbar

Charu Babbar is the co-founder of ProductivitySpot, a site dedicated to help professionals and entrepreneurs get more from the apps and tools they use for their work. After a successful stint as a Technology Marketer with industry giants like Oracle, IBM and Adobe, she decided to test her mettle and…

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Nalini Tomar

Keep moving forward no matter what.” Nalini Tomar is the Founder and Managing Director of XenelSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. She started her career as the website developer and understands what it takes to have an online business presence in the world of digitalization. She came up with the idea of…

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Nitesh Gurnani

Never shy away from trying and don’t under value your skills.” is what it is today because, its founder and our classmate, Nitesh Gurnani believed that it will bring about a change in his life. When he did his first face reading in 2011, he thought it was…

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