Moritz Tittler

Moritz Tittler, CEO and Co-Founder of Visit4me, is a young entrepreneur from Berlin. At the age of 20, he founded the IT start-up Visit4me together with his friend and colleague Chistoph Thomas Abs (19), with the idea to automate tedious manual follow-ups of analog lead sheets and trade fair conversations….

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Olivia Whipple

Olivia Whipple is the owner and co-founder at The Audit Library. Olivia has over fifteen years of financial institution and audit industry experience. Unable to find a solution for templates and the other required documents she needed as an audit leader, resulting in lost productivity when these were developed in-house,…

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Petr Ludwig

Don’t compromise when it comes to hiring. Look for perfection: capable, professional people want to work with those who are just like them.   Petr Ludwig is an entrepreneur and an author of ‘The End of Procrastination’, an international bestseller about productivity, willpower, and critical thinking translated into 16 languages….

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Rick Cottrell

Get into a habit of personal and professional development. You can always learn something.   Rick Cottrell is CEO of He uses his significant entrepreneurial experience and extensive research about the science of business to help entrepreneurial business owners and their leadership teams “supercharge” their businesses. He helps them…

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Amber Christian

Amber Christian is the founder of wonderly software solutions. Prior to wonderly, Amber spent 18+ years implementing SAP solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Based on her experience as a small company working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, she uses human centered design processes to build solutions that address…

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Artis Rozentals

Outsource the skills you lack. Don’t try to do everything in-house – whenever you can, delegate to professionals, so that you focus your attention on more important tasks, like growing your business.   Artis Rozentals is the CEO of DeskTime, a time tracking app that helps users analyze their productivity….

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Melisa Celikel

I believe in the abundance of the universe and that mindset is EVERYTHING in entrepreneurship!   Melisa Celikel is an NLP-Certified Business Organization Consultant and CEO of Make SHT Happen. She has helped over 250 clients create amazing transformations in their homes, lives, and businesses. She provides tools to simplify…

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