Howard Mittman

Howard Mittman

An award-winning media executive with a background in business development, content strategy, sales, and marketing, Howard Mittman is the founder and CEO of Record Scratch. He launched the New York-based consulting firm in 2020 and has curated a diverse group of professionals who assist clients seeking to keep up with…

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Josh Pearl

Howard Mittman

Josh Pearl is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Hickory Lane Capital Management LP, a fundamentals-based equity long/short asset manager. He is also the co-author of several books and courses on investing and investment banking. Prior to founding Hickory Lane, he worked as a Managing Director and Partner at…

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Emily Dyson

Howard Mittman

From an early age, Emily Dyson nurtured a passion for animal rescue. At the age of 7, a bird flew into her window and injured its wing. Emily found it, and stricken with sympathy for the creature’s welfare, demanded that her parents take it to a local veterinarian to receive…

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Ramon De Oliveira

Howard Mittman

Ramon de Oliveira has already lived a Chinese proverb, having grown up in exciting times. Much of his journey began in the late 1970s, more than 43 years ago. In those early days, de Oliveira, like many other young people, was seeking to make a reputation for himself in investment…

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Jeremy Sirota

Howard Mittman

Jeremy Sirota, Merlin’s CEO, began his career in New York City in 1999. He pursued and landed a job as a brand designer at a tech company despite no experience in either branding or design. From an early age his personal North Star has been; how to put himself in…

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Manush Ravi Prame

Manush Ravi Prame is a philanthropist and businessman based in New York City. MRP Services, his commercial cleaning company, has grown to be one of the leading providers of specialized cleaning services in the US. MRP Cleaning Solutions is eco-friendly, meeting all green cleaning compliance guidelines required by clients. Manush…

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Howard Davner

Howard Mittman

Based in Freehold, New Jersey, Howard Davner is the CEO of Beverage USA Holdings, Inc. As CEO and Co-Founder of the company, Howard controls daily operations while also overseeing the overall branding of the company. Since June 2020, Howard has been working towards evolving the company into a leading national…

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Vijay Mehra

Howard Mittman

Vijay Mehra has been a general management, real estate, and property investment advisor for over three decades, operating throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. He began his career in the United Kingdom. After studying the arts, finance, and economics in post-secondary school, Vijay quickly found his passion in…

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Jack Carlson

Howard Mittman

Jack Carlson is the founder and creative director of the brand Rowing Blazers. Before launching the label, he earned a doctorate in archaeology at Oxford and worked as a field archaeologist in Italy. He was also on the national rowing team, and represented the U.S. at three World Championships. He…

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David Berkowitz

Howard Mittman

David Berkowitz Chicago is a painter who has been inspired by the city and its people throughout his career. His love of art was evident from an early age when he started painting. Unfortunately, this passion stopped while in high school and it wasn’t until 1969 after suffering a serious…

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