Andy Ahern – Founder and CEO of Ahern & Associates

Andy Ahern - Founder and CEO of Ahern & Associates

I believe that in order for a business to perpetuate itself, you need to continually break the model and recreate the model, and continue to challenge yourself. Ahern & Associates is a transportation consulting and analytical firm that focuses 100% of their practice in trucking, logistics, and warehousing. The Chief Executive Officer of the company […]

Zach Ferres – CEO of Ciplex

[quote style=”boxed”]I’m anal about productivity, so I do weird things. I listen to audiobooks during commutes. I employ a personal assistant to do low-value tasks[/quote] Zach Ferres is the CEO of Ciplex, a full-service interactive agency that helps clients succeed online by creating award-winning digital solutions for design, online marketing, e-commerce and content management systems, […]

Loretta Love Huff – President of Emerald Harvest Consulting

[quote style=”boxed”]I’m a list maker. When I get ideas, I write them down. When I don’t, I regret it. Those sparks of genius/insight don’t last long many times without being codified on paper.[/quote] Celebrating over 13 years in business, award-winning executive/business coach and performance improvement consultant, Loretta Love Huff, The Dream Leader for Business™, helps […]

Dr. Terry Simpson – Weight Loss Surgeon

[quote style=”boxed”]Listen to the needs of the customer- the more I “hear” them, the more productive I become.[/quote] Dr. Terry Simpson is trying to transform health care – one kitchen at a time. As a weight loss surgeon he says “I turned in my surgical scrubs for an apron” stating that he spends more time […]

Mary Juetten – Founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]I communicate with our whole team all the time. I recommend over-communication and also being as transparent as possible.[/quote] Mary has over twenty-five years of leadership experience in both the public and private sectors. She is a self-described recovering accountant, holding both a CA and CPA, and a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University […]

Joe Griffin and Jay Swansson – Founders of iAcquire

[quote style=”boxed”]We work fast, and we work hard. As much as you plan for success and execute to perfection you’re bound to fail. The best way to approach failure and overcome it is to understand it and accept it.[/quote] Jay Swansson is the CEO and Co-Founder at iAcquire, a digital marketing agency based in New […]