Pieter VanIperen

Pieter VanIperen is a veteran software architect and security expert who is an industry authority and influencer providing thought leadership and execution to develop widely adopted processes, methodologies, and technologies that are at the forefront of digital innovation and software development. As a 20-year software engineering veteran, he has founded…

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Liviu Tanase

Liviu Tanase is a serial entrepreneur and telecommunications executive with more than 16 years of experience. He’s founded five companies and has participated in three exits creating quadruple-digit returns. Liviu currently runs ZeroBounce, an email validation and deliverability platform. He oversees the company’s Santa Barbara office and manages a team…

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Joshua Davies

Originally from Honolulu, Joshua Davies has spent the last 20 years working internationally, with the last 15 based in Asia and currently in Hong Kong. His roots began in university education where he taught a variety of communication and business courses. Joshua served on many boards and in various non-profit…

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Ran Blayer

Ran Blayer is an online communications architect, go-to digital strategist, and problem solver for a diverse global client list of companies, brands, and high-profile executives. He has 15 years of experience in digital marketing and online reputation management. Over the years he has developed digital strategies for many multinational companies…

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Tyler Butler

Tyler Butler brings electric energy to everything she is committed to. She thrives when rallying people together to make a positive difference. Tyler is driven by her passion to impact change and to make the world around her a better place through altruistic actions. She believes magic is something we…

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Alex Davis

Ryan Gleason and Alex Davis are a husband-wife duo dedicated to wellness and lifestyle coaching for couples. After eight years working as corporate engineers internationally, Ryan and Alex left their high-powered jobs to tackle their true passion — leading couples to engineer their best lives together through science and research….

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Evan Nierman

Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary. Choose to do something or don’t; to “try” is to pretend like you are committed to your goal.   Evan Nierman possesses more than 20 years of professional experience in public relations, marketing, crisis management, online media and public affairs. Throughout his career…

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Alex Kurkowski

Alex Kurkowski is the founder of a greeting card startup called Tellinga. He was born and raised in Houston, TX. After completing his undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University, he started a career in the alcohol industry. After three years of drinking for a living, he decided to transition his…

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Lauri Kinkar

Lauri Kinkar Tech Entrepreneurs

Together with his cofounders, Lauri has built a global messaging platform Messente which is now used as a part of millions of small business processes every day in Europe, Latin-America, and South-East Asia. Contrary to a typical startup, Lauri and his co-founders bootstrapped the company from day one and have…

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